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We are in a phased and controlled return to services with restricted numbers. Please check the rotas below for up to date information regarding services. Please also read the Church of England Covid-19 advice. Should you require further information please email

Table I - Services' Rotas 2020
Month (Click on month for its rota)
January Services' Rota (including Epiphany)
February Services' Rota (including Candlemas)
March Services' Rota (including Lent 1-5 and Mothering Sunday)
April Services' Rota Cancelled due to Covid-19
May Services' Rota Cancelled due to Covid-19
June Services' Rota Cancelled due to Covid-19
July Services' Rota (including Trinity 4 to Trinity 7)
August Services' Rota (including Trinity 8 to Trinity 12)

For prayers and intercessions we use Redemptorist publications.

The services use Common Worship (CW) or Book of Common Prayer (BCP) depending on the service type and venue. CW is available in both pdf and rtf format and can be either downloaded or viewed below in Table II.

In addition the "Daily Prayer Feed" is available. This shows the daily prayer for both BCP and CW from the official Church of England web site, © The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2002-2004." and is linked to "".

All the Lectionary readings for the year are available for both CW and BCP. Click on the respective link or in the sidebar navigation.

The readings are now split into Years A, B and C which form a three year cycle of readings. These can be found below under the Lectionary section or by clicking Church of England Lectionary page.

Table II - Common Worship
Section Page Nos
Calendar 0-17
Prayer 18-153
Communion 154-335
Initiation 336-373
Collects 374-523
Lectionary 524-591
Psalter 592-773
Canticles 774-end
Zipped rtf format 0-end
Last Modified Sunday 26 July 2020