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Church News Volume 1, Issue 3

Dear friends,

By the time you read this letter most of the parishes of the Benefice will have celebrated Harvest Festival.

How wonderful is the earth that God has placed in our care! As we give thanks at this time of the year for the harvest, the fruits of the earth, we remember the skill and care of farmers, fishermen, transporters and all those involved in bringing food to us.

We thank God for His love and mercy, and we pray that we will play our part in keeping safe the wonderful treasure-house He has placed in our hands, this planet earth; a tiny speck in the vast universe, but home to us and to all the rest of God's creatures who live upon it. We need to think with care about what we are doing to this world, and especially how to ensure that it is passed on safely and happily, year by year, for the benefit - as far as may be - of all. It is wonderful and right and proper that we should bring produce to our place of worship as a way of giving thanks to God.

We should thank God for the many inventions which have revolutionised agriculture, both mechanical inventions and innovations in the chemical sphere, weedkillers and pestkillers, fertilisers to increase the crops.

Then there have been great advances over many years in such things as the milking of cows, the making of cheeses, the conveying and storage of foods. All these and many other advances mean less chance of infections and uncleanliness, more food arriving safe and fresh in the shops. How much too we owe to modern packaging and containers and to the speed of deliveries by road, rail and air.

We must never accept the good things of life as a right. Always we must be grateful, recognising that we have no claim.

When we receive there is always the old human enemy of pride, whose sharpest weapon is to tell us that we have to be independent; accept nothing from anyone. It is of course a healthy thing to stand on our "own two feet" and not be a burden to anyone else. But the fact is that we are all dependent upon each other, no-one is independent.

Harvest teaches us that we receive the work of others in everything we eat, everything that is cooked, or preserved, or imported. Ultimately we depend upon God our Heavenly Father for all things.

How can we show our gratitude to God? Harvest Festival is just a start of the process. Our lives must be ones lived in continual thanksgiving and praise to the Almighty for His bountiful care of each of us. He requires of us that we both give and receive with gracefulness; with grateful hearts for what is given, and grateful hearts for what we are allowed to give back to the Church and those in need.

Your friend and Vicar

Revd Ian M. Finn

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Last Modified Sunday 04 March 2018