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Church News Volume 2, Issue 7

Dear friends,

At some times in our lives it seems as though we move from crisis to crisis. For some it is sickness for themselves or close family. For others it is in their personal life, or their business affairs. In our national life we appear to move from crisis to crisis;- fuel, countryside, industry, tourism, transport, health, education, agriculture. The list goes on.

But should we be surprised at this? Do we have the right to expect a life without trouble? To exist without having to cope with stress and worry?

I don't think so, for it seems to me that a life without crisis would be a life avoiding contact with real life. The suffering we go through in life is all part of being alive, often the result of the fact that we care deeply about other people, things, and the world in which we live. Overcoming crisis situations and/or learning how to cope, can make us stronger for the rest of our earthly journey.

Picking ourselves up from a crisis fall can help us learn from our mistakes which brought the crisis about, and in learning, grow in a new direction. It can be the chance for a new start as we reassess our priorities in life.

Easter time is about new growth coming out of crisis.

The crisis in the life of Jesus was betrayal by those He trusted in, public humiliation in being condemned for a crime He did not commit, lonely death on an instrument of torture, being laid in a stranger's tomb.

But Easter speaks of a crisis overcome, Jesus triumphed over the grave, the tomb could not hold Him back as He rose again from the dead.

For all those undergoing crisis in their lives at the moment Easter speaks of God's love for us whatever we may be going through. Easter tells us that God understands our sufferings, He has been there Himself. Easter shouts to us that we shall in the end be victorious, even winning over mankind's greatest crisis, facing up to the grave. Jesus passed through the gates of death and we too can share in that victory!


Revd Ian M. Finn

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Last Modified Sunday 04 March 2018