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Church News Volume 2, Issue 10

Dear friends,

Some people can be described as introverts, other as extroverts. One is a turning in on oneself, that is to say being preoccupied with one's own ego or self; the other means turning out from oneself towards others.

The introvert tends to be so absorbed in the little world of him or herself, the inner conflicts, worries and yearnings, that they are in danger of becoming melancholic or at least pessimistic. Certainly the introvert is the sort of person who gets into corners all by themselves, doesn't easily talk and can be described as a bad mixer.

On the other hand the extrovert is usually, a non-stop talker, a back-slapper, a good companion at a party - at least for a while. This kind of person is very optimistic, but can also be rather shallow. What is good is that the extrovert is nearly always ready to do anybody a good turn, whereas the introvert is so wrapped up in themselves that they don't know how to, and can be so soured by life that they don't want to.

The Christian life calls us to try and avoid the extremes of introversion and extroversion, but at the same time practise a little of both!

We should all be introspective to the extent of examining our consciences, looking into our souls to see whether the innermost self is really attuned to God and at harmony with our outward actions. Self-examination needs to be done in a spirit of true humility. We need to realize our faults and our need of God's grace to overcome them. But this introspection must, in its turn, take us outside ourselves to fulfil all those manifold duties that we have towards one another, as equal children of God.

Spiritual life should be a love affair between the soul and God; but because God loves all His children, our love for Him cannot be separated from the practicalities of love towards one another; love in action in other words. The true fulfilment of self is to live not for ourselves solely, but for others, in a Christian spirit.

Revd Ian M. Finn

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