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Church News Volume 3, Issue 9

Dear friends,

Last month's Newsletter struck a chord with some people. (It is nice to know that some people read it and find it useful, I hope you feel it is worth the effort.)

I was trying to explain how I believe that the church building in a parish belongs to the local community because of its historical significance in so many ways. That the worshipping community will continue to pay their way keeping the spiritual side of the building alive, but the rest of the parish cannot expect these people to keep the building just for the times when they (the non-regular attenders) feel they will need it. Many people have spoken to me saying they agree with this and asking how can they help further this idea.

Well many of our Benefice churches are preparing or undertaking schemes such as 'Friends of' (Denston, Ousden, Lidgate, Stansfield, Stradishall) or organising Restoration Appeals (Cowlinge and Wickhambrook) where people who do not use the church for worship but who would like to see the building preserved for historical and village community reasons, can give on a regular basis in the knowledge that their donations will only be spent on the fabric of the building and will not go to the Diocese or used for the Ministry and worship of the church congregation.

If you have not yet considered giving to your local parish church in this way please would you do so? Any amount, small or great will be received thankfully, and can be given in the knowledge you are preserving your parish church building for future generations to see, enjoy and use for the purposes it was originally built. If you are a tax payer your donation can be Gift Aided and tax can be recovered by the Appeal at no extra cost to you! Please do consider doing this if you love your village and would not wish to see the church building fall into disrepair or worse.

This is the month of the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations. She has seen many changes during her long reign, and despite all the trials and tribulations, joys and celebrations over the last 50 years Queen Elizabeth has been faithful, hard working and true to her calling. Whatever your thoughts on the monarchy, and the future of this institution in this great nation of ours, no one can say our Queen has not earned the respect of the nation for the way she has conducted herself.

Above all she has kept her faith in the one true God, her Heavenly Father. Seldom has she missed attending church for worship on a Sunday-she has known the strength which comes from God, through His Holy Spirit. In this the Queen is not unique. Many ordinary people worship God week by week and find the strength to continue with life in good times and in bad. She knows the value of her faith and her Church. So can you.

Rev.Ian M. Finn

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Last Modified Sunday 04 March 2018