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Church News Volume 3, Issue 11

Dear friends,

During July I was invited back to my old Primary school, in Accrington, Lancashire, to present the end of year prizes to children . It was a great honour to do so, especially being an 'old boy' of the school of some 30+ years. What an odd feeling being the one stood in font of all those children at my old school - I can remember my last assembly when someone who seemed 'old' said a few words at the presentations! It was an honour for two other reasons. One of the teachers who had been with the school for 39 years was retiring. She began her teaching career at the school, when I was in the Infants, and has just ended a life-time of service to children in the area.

I was one of the first pupils she taught and one of those present on her last day. She was as pleased as was I that we were together on that day! I also presented a prize on behalf of the family in memory of my Father who had been a Governor at the school for many years with a special interest in special needs children. The prize was for achievement - not academic, ( there were plenty of other prizes for that ), but to a child who had worked hard to achieve their best over the year. I felt very proud to be there to present this in his memory.

Before I left to come back south, the teachers presented me with a class photograph of the top class of '69', yes that's 1969!! Of course I am there in the frame-how I have changed! Do ask to see it next time you come to the Vicarage!

All this made me think about how time moves on and how we see things, and other people, is simply relative to where we are. The school looked no different really - I could have been back in 1969 listening rather than talking. I could have quite easily gone out to play with the others at football in the yard rather than taking tea with the Head teacher and other adults in the Hall. My teacher really hadn't changed that much in almost 40 years. She was still as I remembered her all those years ago.

Time moves on but actually things don't change very much. Change and decay are all around I see, O Thou that changest not, abide with me. Life comes and soon passes away, but God never changes, He is always the same, always there, always with us. And we shall be with Him soon too.

Whatever happens keep that thought to comfort you, I certainly do.

Enjoy the holidays!

Revd Ian M. Finn

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