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Church News Volume 3, Issue 12

Dear friends,

It was with great sadness that we said farewell to one of our Ministry Team, Revd Paul de Voil, who died last month after a long illness.

Paul has worked as a Priest in the Benefice and many people had good reason to be thankful for his ministry, his thought provoking sermons, and especially his friendship in this place over the years. Paul carried many of the services of the Benefice during the interregnum three years ago.

The Requiem service held in Denston church was a joyous occasion, reflecting on Paul's life : his family, his work and his Priesthood. The sacrament of Holy Communion, which was celebrated and received by many who attended, is in itself one of Thanksgiving. We remembered Paul with thankful hearts, he was a faithful disciple of the Lord Jesus, a man called by God into Priesthood because of who he was, the skills he had been given and which he used to great effect, at home, at work and in the local churches.

The service was joyful, even though of course we were sad, because we expressed our hope as Christians in the resurrection. For like Paul de Voil, we too passionately believe in the hope of eternal life as shown to us by Jesus. We rejoice that Paul now has a place in the Kingdom of Heaven and he, as do all our loved ones who have gone on before us, await our arrival at the feast of the Kingdom.

Paul was a faithful disciple of Jesus, a man who showed his faith in the way he lived his life, and the way in which he accepted and bore his suffering with a firm faith in God and His church.

We too can try and follow this example of Christian living. Keep the faith in good times as in bad. Hold fast to that which you know is true. Look forward to the joy that is set before us, the hope of Heaven.

Your friend and Vicar

Revd Ian M. Finn

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Last Modified Sunday 04 March 2018