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Church News Volume 4, Issue 4

Dear friends,

I awoke this morning to the radio switching on at 6.45am, telling me that scientists in America have calculated that the speed of gravity is the same as light speed. So, it the sun suddenly disappeared. the eight minutes or so the light takes to travel to the earth and we would realise it had gone, and hence it was dark would be the same amount of time as realising the sun's gravity had also gone and we were as a planet spinning off into space!

Well that's a good start to the day I thought.

A useful piece of information - but it made me think of how much we take both gravity and light for granted. If the sun suddenly ceased to exist how different things would be. For one thing life on earth would not have happened - it would be too cold and dark for life to begin and exist. Without gravity pulling our planet in an orbit around the sun earth would be spinning aimlessly through space seeking other gravitational pulls to influence it. I'm no scientist, but I do know things would be very different indeed.

Gravity and light / heat are essential for life, for our life. How we take them for granted.

The more we learn about the world in which we live the more we have come to realise how wonderful it all is. From the smallest atom to the vastness of the universe, all things work in an underlying harmony. All things are interconnected and held together by an invisible force.

As people of faith we believe that the force behind all things is God. the Creator and sustainer of all life.

We do take it all for granted. With the eyes of faith we can admire the wonders of life and see the hand of God in all His works.

The religions of the world have much to say about the world in which we live and the experiences we have. Come and find out more during the Monday evenings of Lent as we study the major world religions. Beginning 10th March at 7.30pm in the Benefice Hall (next to All Saints' Church, Wickhambrook)

Revd Ian M. Finn

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