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Church News Volume 5, Issue 10 (September 2004)

Dear friends,

This summer has reminded us of the power of the forces of nature that often we take for granted. Devastating storms in Florida, flash floods around our country, trees, cars, homes being swept away. Drought leading to famine and disease in other parts of the world.

We tend to forget how much our lives are still at the mercy of the forces of nature despite the wonderful technology we have developed.

Nature is finely balanced, too much rain and floods cause chaos, crops ruined, too little rain and there is drought and crops do not grow.

We come to Harvest time once again. The seasons roll on. How much we have to be thankful to God for. Yes we have had a lot of rain and the harvest has been difficult to bring home but at least we have had a harvest again.

God has been good to us in providing the fruits of the earth in their due season. The harvest may be down in quantity this year but we shall have more than enough to supply our needs and those of our neighbours.

Harvest time is a call to all of us - to give thanks to God for His goodness, to celebrate the wonders of creation, the fruits of the earth, the labours of those who work on the land to bring us our food and clothing.

If you only think of coming to church to give thanks to God a few times each year, then this must be one of them! Surely no-one in our communities (especially as we live so close to the harvest) can be so ungrateful as to not want to give thanks and celebrate the power and strength and goodness of creation and the hand of God behind the Harvest.

So come and join in the celebration of the Harvest this year.

Most churches will be holding a short songs of praise (recognising the fact that many who come along don't come to church regularly and are nervous about big church services!) singing some of the favourite Harvest hymns, a couple of readings and some prayers. Churches will be decorated for Harvest - (can you help with this?), some churches are holding Harvest suppers too (would you like to come along? Book quickly as these are popular events!).

Bring the children too. Celebrating the Harvest, giving thanks to God, is an important part of a child's education, joining with other members of the local community. Harvest is a community event - don't miss out! (give me a call)

Revd Ian M. Finn

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