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Church News Volume 6, Issue 9 (September 2005)

Dear friends,

First of all an apology.

I find it very difficult to be in two places at once! There have been a couple of occasions over the summer when there have been two events on in different villages at the same time.

Of course I place work commitments such as weddings, funerals and taking church services before coffee mornings and fetes.

Having seven parishes, there are sometimes clashes of events, especially in the summer months.

It would be good to be able to support everything that is going on by being present. Sometimes that is not possible as has happened at a couple of events this year.

Occasionally I have to dash from one event to another trying to support all with a brief attendance. It must appear sometimes that I can't or don't want to linger-not the case! I hope you understand.

The changeable weather we are frustratingly experiencing and the physical limitations placed upon us by our bodies, ageing, relationships and responsibilities cause me to reflect on the changelessness of our Heavenly Father.

He has never changed and will never change because He is love eternal.

No matter what we do He continues to love us unconditionally. No matter where we go He is with us by our side and in our hearts. God awaits our invitation to enter our lives and become an active participant.

I do hope that you continue to reflect how blessed you are, and our communities are, in this part of the world. We are coming to the time when we celebrate the Harvest.

Please find some time to come and celebrate the Harvest Festival with us in our church services and suppers. (how many harvest suppers will the Vicar get to this year??) It is important to say thank you to God for all the good things we take for granted for the majority of the year.

His goodness never changes. Our gratitude can.

Happy Harvest!

Revd Ian M. Finn

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