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Church News Volume 7, Issue 11 (December 2006)

Dear friends,

How good are you at making do?

Older people are better at this than most - they remember earlier times when resources were harder to come by, especially during the war when food and clothes were rationed, and people reused things, made the food go further, less was thrown away and useful things were put to one side in case they could be used for something else.

We don't live in an age when making do is a popular way to live. It's easier to throw things in the bin as rubbish than reuse them. Rather than having a kettle repaired it is cheaper to go and buy a new one, to wear clothes a few times and then buy more, food cooked but not eaten so put in the bin. We live in a throw away society.

As Christmas approaches I am reminded that the way we live in such a disposable society is actually not the way God thinks or acts.

God is a God who "makes do".

He "makes do" with a young unmarried girl to give birth to His Son. He "makes do" with a stable for His Son to be born in, and without a cot He "makes do" with an animal feed trough. Jesus "made do" with a group of disciples who were often slow on the uptake, rough round the edges, who would desert Him at the end. He "made do" with water at a wedding to change into wine, bread and fishes to feed five thousand people, the food of tax collectors and other sinners to give Him hospitality. He "made do" with a boat pushed out from the shore as a pulpit to preach to a large number of people, a donkey to travel into His triumph in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, bread and wine to share with His disciples as His final meal, a rough wooden cross to die on as a common criminal, a stranger's tomb for His final resting place.

And God "makes do" with us - imperfect as we all are. He knows that, and yet He still persists in calling us to follow Him. For God loves the world so much that He gives His Son Jesus to be born in Bethlehem and live among us here on earth so that whoever believes in Him will be assured of a place in eternal life.


But it's true!

The message of Christmas is this.

So why not come and give thanks at Church this Christmas?

Give thanks that God loves us and can "make do" with each one of us if we allow Him to use us in His service.

What can I give Him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd I would bring a lamb.
If I were a wise man I would do my part!
Yet what I can I give Him,
give my heart.

Details of all services in our Benefice Churches over Christmas are detailed in the pdf and in a leaflet specially produced for delivery to the houses of the parishes.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones.

Revd Ian M. Finn

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