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Rector's View - January 2009

Dear friends,

NEW Year's Day is one of life's little crossroads. We look back on the year which has passed and we look ahead to the year which is to come. Quite naturally we look in both directions with somewhat mixed feelings.

As we reflect on the year which has passed we are left with the feelings our memories evoke.

There are feelings of joy about a family wedding, the birth of a child, or a reunion. There are feelings of contentment and satisfaction arising from the fruition of much effort, such as a graduation, a promotion at work, or an award of some kind. There are feelings of sadness about the loss of a loved one, a separation by distance, or about a redundancy or a perceived failure. There are feelings of regret because of things left undone or unsaid, or things done badly, or harsh words spoken.

As we look ahead to the year which is to come we have a similar range of thoughts and feelings. There is, perhaps, happy expectation as we look forward to family occasions, a change of job or career, or to things becoming easier in some way. Perhaps there is anxiety about our health, or that of a relative or friend.

There may be uncertainty and worries about some new venture, which involves an element of risk. Perhaps, in many instances, we anticipate the same event with both happiness and anxiety, or perhaps we prefer any knowledge or fixed plans to the fear of the unknown.

Jesus said, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end." In Him we find the meaning and purpose of every experience: past, present and future. Throughout the whole of human existence, with all its trials and tribulations, its hopes and dreams, its joys and triumphs, God lives amongst us.

To Him we can turn with confidence for forgiveness for past failings. From Him we can seek reassurance and peace, the healing of memories, which continue to harm and unsettle us. To Him we can entrust the care and keeping of our departed loved ones, trusting in His love and mercy. At the foot of His Cross we can leave all our sorrows and regrets for His healing and restoring touch. We can also commit the future, our hopes and fears, our plans and uncertainties, our expectation and trepidation, to His unfailing love and blessing and to the guidance and inspiration of His Holy Spirit.

May God grant to you, and to all whom you love, a truly happy and blessed New Year.


Revd Stephen Abbott

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