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Rural Dean's View - May 2012

Dear friends,

Spring brings to our ‘green and pleasant land’ the fresh smells of new growth, life returning to buds, and the new shoots of restoration after the long winter months. The daylight lengthens; the warmth of the sun begins to make its presence felt. We feel good!

Easter brings to the Church the refreshing songs of ‘Alleluia’, from the austere hymns of Lent. We sing songs of rejoicing, we decorate our churches with flowers, we give and receive presents of Easter Eggs and cards, and we holiday! Why? Because the Lord Jesus is risen from the dead. He has promised eternal life to all those who believe in Him. He has shown us that death will not have the final word in life – but death is conquered, we shall have the victory of eternal life.

The Lord is risen – don’t believe those who say it’s a myth, its not possible, it didn’t happen!

The Lord is risen, He is alive today through His Holy Spirit in His church and in His world, in and through the lives of His followers.

He comes to us in the sacraments, he comes to speak to us through His holy Word in the Bible.

He speaks to us in the words of those we meet day by day, and we can serve Him in the needs of those around us. For whatever we do for the least of those in our community, we do for Him.


The Lord is risen, He is risen indeed. Alleluia

Revd Canon Ian Finn
Rural Dean

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