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Rural Dean's View - October 2012

Dear friends,

Autumn is on its way! As I write this in the middle of September, the nights are drawing in and the warmth of the sun is already fading.

Time changes, the seasons come around. We grow older – maybe a little wiser – though maybe not! We cant stop time, we cant stop change. But I am reminded, that despite all the changes and chances of this fleeting life, we can rest and rely upon God’s eternal changelessness.

God’s love for us never changes, never falters, despite the changes we have in our lives and our relationship to Him. We are often as changeable as the weather, as fickle as the seasons in our love for Him.

But does He change? – thank God He doesn’t. His love remains steadfast.

Praise God!

Revd Canon Ian Finn
Rural Dean

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