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Rural Dean's View - November 2012

Dear friends,

We all make mistakes – non of us is perfect. But how we deal with those mistakes is what matters.

We all know the feeling of being let down by others and of how it feels to let someone else down because of what we have done or have failed to do. How quick we can be to blame others and decry their faults and over look the ones we have made!

Forgiveness is the key – the ‘Golden Rule’ found in all major religions, and especially central to the Christian Faith is: Love your neighbours; forgive others as you yourself would like to be forgiven.

It’s a simple rule of life but one which is often hard to carry out. If you want to be forgiven your faults then you have to show forgiveness to others of theirs.

We are all quick to judge, but slow to acknowledge our own faults and failings.

May this Autumn time, (when we see the seasons changing, the leaves falling, the nights drawing in,) be the time for us to re-assess our lives and our attitudes towards our faults and mistakes, and those of others around us.

Can we keep the Golden Rule better in our life?

We will be called to account one day for our actions or lack of them – that’s the message of Advent which begins next month as our time of Christmas preparation. How will you be judged by God?

May a reflective November be yours.

Revd Canon Ian Finn
Rural Dean

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