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Rural Dean's View - March 2013

Dear friends,

The month of March is an exciting time especially for those who live close to the countryside. Spring flowers are growing, the worst of the Winter we hope is over, the sun is getting stronger, the days noticeably longer. Birds are singing and buds on the trees starting to show. It is a time of thinking about the potential of the year to come, the fresh spring days, the long summer evening. Well that's the hope anyway - we wait to see it fulfilled.

It's also the month of Holy Week and Easter and the potential of life through death, as seen in the person of Jesus Christ. Its bigger than the Christmas story by far, yet sadly less celebrated by most. Jesus is put to death on the cross, yet, just as He promised and the scriptures had foretold, He rose again from the dead. Death, He shows us, cannot hold us back. We need not fear, for life goes on. After the winter of our life the spring will return, we will rise again to new life. What a wonderful time of year. A time of hope - that the summer is soon to be with us, that the land springs to life again, that when we dies we shall live on in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Rejoice with us in the wonder of creation, and the love of God for each of us.

God so loved he world, that He gave His only Son, Jesus. That all those who believe in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.


Revd Canon Ian Finn
Rural Dean

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