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Rector's View - June 2013

Dear friends,

In June May’s Ascension story provides the opening for that Great Day of the Church’s Gospel, the Day of Pentecost. The new beginning of Christ’s resurrection is seen in all who follow the Way of Christ, as His Spirit is poured out upon the priesthood of all believers.

What a dramatic beginning to this new Gospel, the pages of our lives. The beginnings of our own faith may too have drama, often they are less defined, begun in some conversation past which offered us hope and acceptance. Among the first of my calls as your new Rector was to our Primary School to lead their morning worship, and as the children filled the assembly hall the music and lyric of Bruno Mars proclaimed Your Amazing! Just the way you are. The Way God purposes for each of us is that we too, each and every one of us, are amazing for we are made of God’s image, Jesus revealed that love assuring those he meets that they are loved simply for whom they are, and revealing to us the Way we may better be whom God purposes us to be, through the Way of God’s love, the Way of Christ.

The Great Sunday of the Church, our own assembly time, counts the fifty days of Pentecost for a time of great blessing, for here we recount the stories of Resurrection Ascension and on the Fiftieth day the story of the Holy Spirit, the gifting of the Church with the abiding presence of our Father God in the name of he who revealed God’s love to the world, Jesus.

I have caught up with many stories as I begin to tread the Way of Christ along with you, and I look forward to hearing many more as we continue along the Way. We face many challenges, there are many trials in life, but by the assurance of Pentecost we are to know we may have strength to endure and more, see amidst this life the blessing of God’s love.

Just as we are, may God’s amazing love fill our hearts in the Spirit’s blessing.

May our going in the Way of Christ bring light and peace to our lives. Alleluia!

Yours in Christ

Revd Brin Singleton

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