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Rector's View - January 2014

Dear friends,

How we long…

Life in all its fullness John 10.10, that this year be the gateway to pastures new John 10.9. For many life is no grazing in lush pasture, the pasture may be far from sight, the way denied or hidden.

We long for sure footing, sure company and guide.

For many, faith provides if not the release to lush pasture, then the hope of drawing nearer its reward each day. The pilgrim's progress faces both reward and adversity, it is our guide who lifts us when we fall and sets our footing sure.

Our Bishop's remind us of our Good Shepherd, our guide who is our Way, our Christ, by carrying that sign of pilgrimage the Shepherd's Crook, Crosier, and reminds us of the Light of our Way by wearing the flame of Christ's presence the Holy Spirit, seen in the Bishop's Hat, Mitre.

So it is that all who are promised to faith in baptism are encouraged to be received by our Bishop in the great assembly, the sheepfold of faith, to publicly witness to their faith in Christ, and receive by the Bishop's hand the Spirit's gift, that is knowledge and love of God's presence in Christ.

Among all this New Year's resolutions many will simply be hoping for better things, life in all its fullness. If any long for the gateway to pastures new, that is faith in Christ, sure footing, sure company and guide in His Way, please do be in touch with me, whether baptised or not. Our Bishop David will visit our Deanery the evening of June 15th this year and will baptise and confirm all who hear God's call to follow the Way of faith in Christ, the promise of life in all its fullness.

Maybe for you 2014 will be the beginning of a new pilgrimage in faith.

Yours in Christ

Revd Brin Singleton

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