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Rector's View - October 2014

Dear friends,

October's Harvest services set our mind to thanksgiving for this plentiful garden of creation, for all who tend and work in it. In this thanksgiving for the good we too call to mind our failing toward our natural world, how we by consumerism endanger nature's capacity to provide. The extraction of new energy resources becomes more complex and brings greater dangers yet we seem unable to accept greater cost in ‘green’ energy generation and recovery.

As the year darkens though we seek comfort in stories of hope. Looking to the stars we remember the light of the Saints who through the generations have given hope to others by their great works. We too remember the lives of All Soul's, those who brought light to our lives, those whom we have loved and known. This year we will hold at Wickhambrook Church 2nd November our 3pm All Soul's service commemorating our own faithful departed. All are welcome to attend to hear read any name they might put forward and light candles joining together after the service for refreshments and conversation.

This year's commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War offers stark reminder of our frailty and failing. For despite the sombre reflection on the tragedy of war still we face new conflicts and dangers and continue to look to the self-sacrifice of service men and women to offer us protection. So our Remembrance Sunday service at 10am Lidgate 9th November calls us to honour our debt to those who died and those who survived in providing for their need in the face of life changing injuries, psychological and physical.

November closes with the hope of realising our daily prayer for 'God's Kingdom come on earth as in heaven' in the festival of Christ the King. May our season of thanksgiving and remembrance instil in us the desire to determine all things for the good and in the face of this world's darkness ensure light still shines.

Your servant in Christ

Revd Brin Singleton

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