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Rector's View - March 2015

Dear friends,

One of my favourite festivals (they're all my favourite) celebrates the close of our Church's wondering and delight in the infancy stories of Jesus. Not only does the Nativity story tie together Jesus' origin, Son of God, son of man, but weaves our wondering of God into the delight of new birth. The favoured festival – Candlemas, "The Presentation of Christ in the Temple", sets the scene of many families today celebrating new arrivals. Mother father and baby meet the family of faith, those who congregate in God's name, deliverance hope and praise are spoken for all their futures.

For our congregations celebrating this last look back at Jesus' nativity, of course there are candles – Candlemas – but too there is that looking forward to Jesus' return to the Temple. That day too our congregation processes along with the drama of these biblical stories, this time not with candles but with our palm crosses as we rehearse the praises of the crowd greeting Jesus' entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

When look back on the journey of our lives from infancy to adulthood, we can wonder at our purpose and expectancy in life. The rhythm of the Church's story of God's living among us reminds us there are times of preparation times of celebration, times of waiting times of trial, times of turning and new beginnings. Faced alone we flounder and fall, faced in company of friend, family even the family of faith, we find strength to stand even to grow, to look for hope and joy in deliverance.

This waiting time of lengthening days (lenten) do think of joining those who congregate in God's name to share in our story of hope, and share with us your story.

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  • 2nd Sundays each month 9:30 Lidgate, 11am Denston
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  • 4th Sundays each month 10, Family Worship Wickhambrook.
  • 5th Sundays 10am, ‘Sung Matins’ see Bansfield Benefice website for service details:-

Yours in Christ

Revd Brin Singleton

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