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Rector's View - November 2015

Dear friends,

As the days darken leaving summer's brightness behind our thoughts turn toward the year's close and we hear tell stories of trial and hope, applauding the endurance and courage of generations past, and remembering the sacrifice of the fallen for Europe's enduring peace.

Once again though we see Europe in the upheaval of mass migration and are reminded of the migrations of our forebears, and their determination to bring healing to the wound of war in building new homes for peoples displaced and returning, and in building that brotherhood of nations whose strength is founded on seeking peace and justice.

Whilst rightly our Remembrance service marks the sacrifice of the nation, and brings us to silence at the appalling loss of war, this remembrance for many brings to mind the stories of those known more personably as friend and family. Before this national remembrance our church's calendar offers us opportunity to think on the lives of our own friends and family who have died, giving thanks for the good of their lives, for the love they shared by which we grew in knowledge and love of God. All Saints Sunday applauds the heroes of our faith, sainted for the bright light of their lives amidst this world's darkness. All Souls' offers for us the remembrance of those whose light we beheld and knew, whose light nonetheless burned bright in our lives.

On the afternoon of All Saints' Day, Sunday the 1st of November, All Saints' Church Wickhambrook will host an All Souls' service from 3pm, during which candles may be lit in memory of our own dear departed. Those to whom the church has ministered to across Bansfield Benefice have been invited to attend, but all are welcome to bring the names of their own loved ones who have died, to hear them read and to light candles. During the Sunday services before All Saints names may be added to our list of departed as well immediately before the All Souls' 3pm service. After the service we will offer refreshments in our Benefice Hall next to the church. In this may we find encouragement and hope in building this day at your hand and mine God's Kingdom on earth as in heaven.

Revd Brin Singleton

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