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Rector's View - March 2016

Dear friends,

The winding road of our Church's year takes us from Epiphany – showing – through Lent – preparation – to Passiontide, Holy Week and Easter, quite a pilgrimage.

So often in Christian faith we can be so focused on personal revelation we diminish the greater life we proclaim, that of our company together in the risen life of our Christ. Many Christian communities come together for Palm Sunday processions to enact this greater presence we share through our common discipleship, following together in the Way of Christ. Palm Sunday is the second of the great processional days of Christ's Church, the first being Christ's Presentation in the Temple – Candlemas for our bearing candles, Palm Sunday for our bearing palms. These processional days frame February through to March and help us reflect on our work through Lent of growing our Easter faith.

Our Diocese is celebrating the installation of our new assistant bishop Mike, a great gathering witnessed his installation as bishop of Dunwich in St Edmundsbury cathedral, and we look forward to our part in his promotion of growth across our Diocese particularly amongst our young. Our demonstration of support for this new ministry among us, shared with our diocesan bishop Martin, reminds us of our common purpose to share knowledge and love of God and of His Son. We demonstrate that knowledge and love through our actions, and in this we are ever better together.

So our Palm Sunday procession, demonstrates our part in Christ's mission, the growth of God's Kingdom on earth as in heaven. As we share in hailing our Christ as King, we grow in our conviction all to play our part in bearing the fruits of God's Kingdom. Some may indeed take on great works, as our bishops Martin and Mike, though ours may be the lesser task, in the personality of Jesus we in our deeds become one, ours is no lesser task in growing God's kingdom than those great leaders of faith we welcome and applaud. Through our service in practical neighbourliness and friendly welcome we too go about our modest work in making real the story of God's love by our simple living, looking for no reward save that of knowing we do our Lord's will, as Ignatius Loyola's prayer puts it. We by our preparing the way, encouraging, applauding, turning to good works, welcome our Christ into our lives and share His Kingdom with those whom we meet this day. As we come to the end of our Lenten journey carrying our palms, we are reminded of our last procession carrying our candles, the light of our lives, and with joy determine to live in that greater light together growing God's kingdom for Christ's risen life today.

Yours in Christ,

Revd Brin Singleton

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