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Rector's View - May 2016

Dear friends,

From Xanadu to Utopia, from Metropolis to Matrix's Zion, these films illustrate our continuing desire to look to paradise, such universally held visions of faith lead us to go beyond the understated hope that "things can only get better" to ponder what if things were the best they could be – perfick! Whether you hear 'Pop' or 'Ed' here (Darling Buds of May or Shaun of the Dead!) underlines our failure to realise the best we could be, looking for God's Kingdom on earth seems ever through human history fraught with the dream turning to nightmare. Yet the worse things get, the greater the hope of our prayer "On earth as in Heaven".

John Lennon's vision seems to sidestep the failings of world faiths in seeking to realise God's Kingdom come. "Imagine there's no heaven,.. no hell below us, above us only sky, imagine all the people living life in peace". Yet the dream of the Christian faith in heaven's New Jerusalem is also that of heaven and earth passed away Revelation 21, a city without any Temple, for God is seen to dwell among mortals, all are blessed in knowledge and love of God.

Such is the call of our Archbishops, Justin Welby and John Sentamu, that amidst the suffering of worldly conflicts, amidst the pain of our daily living, those of faith and those of none should raise the hope of a new better day. Christian's express this in the daily prayer "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as in heaven." The Churches of Bansfield Benefice will be sharing this prayer, as across the nation, in the week before our celebration of Pentecost (15th May) when God's Spirit was seen anew among Jesus' disciples. The promise of faith in this Pentecost event is that God's Spirit is given to all who would turn and follow Christ, as witnessed by His Church to this day. And so in the week before Pentecost, All Saints Church Wickhambrook will be open for prayer each evening up to 9pm. There will be prepared a special display for people to see, to meditate, to pray. Candles may be lit, and a member of the church will be present (from 7:30pm) ready to help and encourage if needs, cards with the text of the Lord's Prayer will be ready for use. I hope many will be drawn to turn anew toward the Way of Christ in looking for the Kingdom at hand this day, at your hand and at mine.

Yours in Christ.

Revd Brin Singleton

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