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Rector's View - June 2016

Dear friends,

June offers some great occasions to share the fellowship our Benefice offers to her villages, beginning with the Denston Gala Concert 4th June – I hope you've got your tickets, we eagerly anticipate a feast of music and refreshment, St Nicholas Church is looking forward very much to hosting this special event. And then 19th June we host our Benefice Summer Barbeque with thanks to our generous hosts the Town family at Aspen House Stansfield, this will include our 11:30am Tent Communion service where we will delight in sharing the meal of Christ's presence and confirming our fellowship together with refreshment and barbeque through to the afternoon. If you're looking for a Sunday to say hello and find new friendship among the fellowships of our benefice this would be a great Sunday to join us, do look for tickets in advance if you're able, though you can buy on the day. And at the close of the month we enjoy a traditional parish Patronal festival at St Peter's Ousden for a 5pm service of Readings and Hymns. So three events to mirror our turning of the church's seasons to Trinity, bringing to mind the fellowship of Heavenly Father, Blessed Son and Holy Spirit.

Our Sunday worship closes with the word of blessing "The peace of God which passes all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord". It is good news not only to be assured that we are indeed blessed in Spirit by the love of Father and Son, but also that our knowing God passes all understanding. Faith is beyond the certainty of proof. We know God not through book study nor through courses of learning, though these may help, but through the love of family and those we may meet. Those whose discipleship in baptism is to follow the Way of Christ, are called to share their knowing God in the good news as Jesus proclaimed of God's Kingdom on earth as in heaven. And everyone carries the hope of better days, the Christian gospel (good news) is carried in the hearts of ordinary people of faith as you or I, who look for the good in all things.

If you are looking for the good, then make that first step of faith, to seek out the Christian family and ask one of our number to share with you their hope in God, Father Son and Holy Spirit.

Yours in Christ.

Revd Brin Singleton

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