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The History Of All Saints' Wickhambrook


As with many ancient buildings over the years it acquires scribblings and inscriptions. Sometimes this was done out of boredom during the lengthy, protracted services. Sometimes it was so a person could "timestamp" their association with the building. In all cases the graffiti is not malicious but is a factual record of people whose lives have passed through this building.

At All Saints' church there is graffiti found on a number of the columns. On the column nearest the north door there are the names of "Samuel Dawlin" and "James Pung". Two columns Eastwards is the name of "Steven Hall". The east most column on the South Aisle has the initials "TE" "ME" and "AP". In the vestry on the central window pillar is the remains of the name "Richard" and a design of a seven candle holding candelabra.

Windmill 1911In the tower on the first floor is the name "W. Ravner 1805"and many more examples of people's initials. Clearly the bell tower was a easier place to leave your mark! During the phase I restoration process it was discovered that there was graffiti from the 17th Century in the lead work. This has been preserved and in-laid into the new tower roof lead.

There is a windmill, a three panel and a four panel group of graffiti. A detail is shown by a Marrow ancestor.

The organ also has some names etched in it by the various organ pumpers. A full list can be found on the dedications page.

Last Modified Sunday 10 June 2012