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The History Of All Saints' Stansfield

The Rectors of Stansfield

Note:- "Liber Capella S. Joh. Bapt. Infra manerium Galfridi de Waldingfeld in Stansfeld" 1306 Jan 20 Rad. fil. Nich. De Waldingfeld inst. "Ad praes Gualteri de Waldinfeld"

[this refers to Purton or Prediton Green which at the time of the Domesday book may have been a separate parish but which was later included with Stansfield]

Over the centuries Stansfield has had some unusual Rectors and Curates. In the Doomsday book the right to appoint Rectors belonged to St Edmund's Abbey at Bury, but in 1221 Peter de Nerford gave the right to appoint to Mountjoy Priory, Haverland, Norfolk. By the beginning of the 14th century the right to appoint had passed to the Lords of Clare and the tithe to Clare Priory from whom it passed to the Crown. The right to appoint a Rector was a valuable asset because of the right to the tithe that went with it. Most appointees appointed a vicar to take the services, at a small salary, and pocketed the difference.

Rectors of Stansfield
Thomas de Wycheford - 1303
ad praes Rad: de Monte Hermeri
Richard de Stanes - 1306
ad praes. Comitis. Gloucest. Et Hereford
Thomas de Brecham - 1334
ad praes dnae Eliz.De Burgh, dnae le Clare
Peter de Eriswell -1341
Robert de Walsham - 1349
William de Walesham - 1358
William Aylmer - 1360
ad praes.Dnae Eliz De Burgh
John Leef - 1383
ad praes. Dni Regis raone minoris aetatis Comitis
Wm, Wifere - 1384
Thomas Cockill - 1384
permut cum Brokland, Cant. Ad pr. Rs.
John Bradelegh - 1401
permut cum Heryngswelle.
Thomas Westhorp - 1426
ad pr. Dni. H. Rs.
John Snele - 1464
ad pr. Ceciliae matris Rs., Ed.iv
William King - 1496
ad pr. Regis.
John Parker - 1521
ad pr. Katerinae Reginae Angliae
Henry Hamylton - 1547
ad pr. Dni Regis
Roger Petman - 1554
ad pr. Reginae
Edmund Leyes - 1555
ad pr. Reginae. Buried in Stansfield Church, April 23rd, 1563
Robert Shaw - 1563
ad praes. Reginae; also Rector of Hawkedon.

By his will made 18th of May, 1575, Robert Shaw directed that his body be buried in the chancel of Stansfield Church. He bequeathed 40 shillings to the poor of Stansfield and Hawkedon, 5 shillings to the poor of Denston and the same to Somerton.

Item. His tenement called Erles in Stansfield in a street called Hebelsforth End to the Parson and churchwardens of Stansfield in trust for the poor for ever. (On this site the village school was eventually built.)*

Item To Joane Evered, widow and Ambrose her son, £14, which Joane owes him, and 5 combs 2 bushells of oats, Sudbury measure, and one fat wether and 3 shillings and tenpence laid out for her suit at Norwich against William Hedgeman, on condition that they discharge the dilapidations on the Parsonage of Hawkedon and the chancel of Hawkedon etc.

Item To Maister William Polie of Boxted Hall his best horse.

Item To Mr John Jermyn, of Depden, Esq., his rowan colt, desiring them both to be friendly to his executrix.

Item To Maister Thomas Shakelton, clerk, his sarcenet tippet and two square caps.

Item To Harry Boyse, clerk, his furred gown.

Item To Alice Hartlie, his sister, his posted bedstead, with the tester over it, one of his best featherbeds with transsome and two pillows and one covering.

Item. To John Broun, his godson, a silver spoon, etc, etc Witnesses, Thos. Hamond of Hawkedon, Thos. Hills of Linn, Harry Boyse, clerk, Alexander Emote, Thos Hill, Richard Sadlington, clerk. By a codicil, dated 17 Dec., 1583, among other bequests, 6 silver spoons and a maser to Alice Hartelie. The copy endorsed- " The copie of Mr Shawe his last will and testament with the probate annexed thereto" 29 Aug 1584.

Robert Shawe was buried in Stansfield Church, Aug 21st, 1584.
Nicholas Walrons - 1584
ad pr.Reginae.

Married 1586, Dec 6. - "Mr Nicholaus Walrond, R Eccl. Par. De S. Et Martha Orbell. Baptised 1587 Nov 5 Rogerus Walrond, fil.mri. N.W. Rect. Eccl. Par de S. Et Marthae uxoris.Rectoris, etc." Nicholaus Walronde signs the register for the last time 24 th Mar., 1602.
James Rowe -1602
ad pr. Reginae 1622.

1622 "Jacobus Rowe, Cleric et Anna Frost contraxere inter se nuptias decimo die maii." 1622 " Jacobus Rowe dudum Minister hujus Eclesiae (per menses 17 menses paralysi male affectus et post mortuus) sepultus est 14 Julii. Cui Jacobo Rowe jure et virtute resignationis suae successit in Rectoria de Stansfeld, vizt. Mense maii Anno Dni 1621 pr. Dicto Gilbertus Wimberley Rectoir ibdm." Stansfeld, vizt. Mense maii Anno Dni 1621 pr. Dicto Gilbertus Wimberley Rector ibdm").
Gilbert Wimberley - 1621
(Sanctae Theologiae Professor)
Robert Cotisford - 1622
ad pr. Thomae Bedingfelde.
John Pakenham - 1639
Walker in his book "Sufferings of the Clergy," says that " Thomas Pakenham was teiz'd out of it (the Rectory of Stansfield) by the vexatious behaviour of his parishioners encouraged by the prevailing powers, and succeeded by one B---, an army chaplain."
Samuel Boardman - 1648
Mr. Samuel Boardman. In 1648, Mr. Seth Ward at Long Melford, resigned and was succeeded by Mr. Samuel Boardman "his brother in law", of the same faction The Stansfield Churchwardens' books record that Mr Boardman gave £10 to the poor of this Parish " when he was removed to Melford by the late usurping powers" In 1646, Mr Boardman's name appears as one of the signatories of the " Humble Petition of the Ministers of the Counties of Suffolk and Essex concerninge Church Government," presented to the Rt. Hon. The House of Peers.

He died in 1653 (Parker's History of Long Melford).
Clement Ray - 1661
ad pr. Dni Regis.

The Registers from 1649 are in the handwriting of Clement Ray, and there were: Baptized 1651, 20 Dec Maria; Baptized 1653, May 1, Joseph; Baptized 1654, Hune 20, Isaac; Baptized 1655, Nov 17, Elizabeth; Baptized 1657, Dec 2, George; Baptized 1658, Dec 16, Samuel: children of Clement Raye and Mary his wife From this it may be inferred that Clement Raye, who had been minister for some years during the Commonwealth , conformed and was duly instituted on the Restoration of the King.

In 1686 Clement Ray was Perpetual Curate at Denston, where he was buried 1686, Apr 6th.
Thomas Tyllott - 1662
ad pr. Dni Regis. T. Tyllot was ejected from the rectory of Depden in 1643. He then opened a school, but was commanded to desist when the ordinance came out that no sequester minister should be allowed to teach a private school. He seems to have found refuge at Stansfield on the avoidance of the Rectory by Clement Ray. Walker says he was restored to his two livings.The burial register records in 1667; "Mr Tho. Tyllott Retr. Hujus Ecclesiae sepultus est vicesimo primo Augusti."

The inscription on his ledger reads -

Ms Thomae Tyllott
Qui antiqua et honesta Tyllotorum
Gallicorum prosapia oriundus
Indefessa in studiis opera
et spectata fidelitate
Eamdem cohonestavit
Saeviente bello civili
Deo Regi atque afflictae Ecclesiae
Rectoriam de Depden faeneranti.
Cum illa sua hane alteram de Stansfield
Rependit Carolus Secundus redux
Annorum tandem et famae publicae satur
Ad aureolam coelestem translatus est
Aug 16 Anno Domini 1677 Aetatis suae 70
Henry Halsted - 1677
S.T.B., ad pr. Dni Regis.

The epitaph on his tombstone sufficiently gives the history of H.H. From the numerous records in the Parish Books, he seems to have been a very active and energetic parson, and the entry of his burial in the Register is a very touching one. "1728, Aug. 10th , Henricus Halstead, s.t.b., hujus ecclesiae Rector dignissimus."

On his ledger - Arms of Halstead, an eagle displayed on a chief compone, impaling a bend gutte between 2 moorhens, a chief compone.

Henricus Halstead, S.T.B.
Burnlimie in Lancastria natus
Oxonii apud suos Aeneinascences socius(sic)
ad hanc Rectoriam
Post annos circiter xx in studiis positos
promotus est.
Ubi veri pastoris officium
cum pace et modestia exercuit
et postquam Dei
Ministorum que Ipsius Aedes
Pro animo decoraverat
Immortalitatem adiit Die Augusti . A.D.1728. Aetat 87
Hopton Haynes - 1728
M.A. Patron the Crown.

From this time until 1854, a series of non-resident Rectors was inflicted on the Parish, and the church suffered a loss, the effects of which are even now too evident.
Samuel Ogden - 1766
D.D. Patron the Crown.

Extract from the Life of Professor Adam Sedgewick._ "The (Woodwardian) Lectureship being vacant a fourth time, Col. King, now a very old man, appointed the Revd S. Ogden, D.D., Fell. And Pres. Of St. John's College. Dr. Ogden had been Master of the Grammar School Halifax, from 1743 to 1753, when he returned to Cambridge, where he resided to his death, 22nd Mar., 1778, He held the livings of Stansfield in Suffolk and of Lawford in Essex, and was Vicar of St, Sepulchre's, Cambs. From 1759 to 1777. For his personal appearance we will again quote Cole- "Dr. Ogden is a bold swarthy black man, of most extraordinary turn of Humour. Great Vivacity, odd, whimsical, and like no one else, a great epicure, and very parsimonious, a very ingenious Preacher, and on that account his Church of St Sepulchre at Camb., is usually so thronged as to be difficult to get a place."

From Gilbert Wakefield, " I heard Dr. Ogden preach most of these discourses which were afterwards made public. His manner and person and character were exactly suited to each other. He exhibited a black scowling figure , a lowering visage, embrowed by the honours of a sable periwig. His voice was growling and morose, and his sentences desultory, tart and snappish. His sermons are interspersed with remarks eminently brilliant and acute, but too epigrammatic in their close. He was a good scholar, a liberal minded Christian and an honest man."

Ogden had a turn for writing verse, and his name appears in three of those volumes which in the 17th and 18th centuries the Universities used to address to the Sovreign on important occasions. In 1760 he mourned the death of George II nd in Latin Elegiacs; in 1761 he hailed the marriage of George III rd in English Stanzas; and in the following year the birth of George, Prince of Wales, in Arabic. These curious changes of language were satirized in the following lines:-

When Ogden his prosaic verse,
In Latin numbers dressed,
The Roman laguage proved too weak,
To stand the critics' test.
To English rhymes he next essayed,
To show he'd some pretence,
But ah ! rhyme only would not do,
They still expected sense.
Enraged, the Doctor swore he'd place
On critic no reliance,
So wrapt his thoughts in Arabic,
And bid 'em all defiance.

These lines are attributed by Cole, to R. Pepper Arden, Fell. Trin. Coll., afterwards Lord Alvanley. Several amusing stories about Dr. Ogden are found in Gunning's Reminiscences. His Sermons were published with an account of his Life by S. Halifax, Camb. 1814. Dr Johnson greatly admired his sermons Mayor's edition of Baker's History of St. Johns ollege, also contains much information concerning him. He was buried in St. Sepulchre's, Cambridge and his Epitaph is in Manchester Cathedral.
George Ashby - 1790
B.D. Patron the Crown.

Fellow and President of St. John's College, Cambridge. Instituted to the Rectory of Barrow, Suffolk, on the presentation of St. John's College, 5th Aug.1774."He was a very good antiquary, learned critic, and much conversant in medals and pictures." Cole's MSS. He lies buried in Barrow Church near the altar on the South side. Epitaph "Near this place is interred the body of the Revd George Ashby, B.D., and F.S.A., Rector of this Parish, son of Edmund Ashby (by Elizabeth Judith, daughter of Robert Lock of Dinton in Wiltshire) of an ancient Leicestershire family, who was born 5th Dec., 1724, and died 12th June, 1808." He was for many years President of St. John's College, Cambridge, by which Society he was presented to this living in 1774, and in 1790, obtained by the friendship of Dr. Ross, Bishop of Exeter, the Rectory of Stansfield in Suffolk. For some years previous to his death he had the misfortune to become blind, but as a critical scholar and an antiquary he left many lasting testimonials of superior abilities. Thomas Lyns of Barrow, the constant companion and amanuensis of the Revd G. Ashby for the space of 28 years, and at last his testimentary heir, with all respect and gratitude, inscribes this marble to his memory - Arms: Ashby of Quenby, Leicester. Azure, a chevron ermine between 3 leopards or.
John Carleton - 1808

Rector of Hartest 1799 - 1812, Rector of Theberton 1813, Chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty 1814; Rector of Binton, Stratford-on-Avon. A Tablet in Binton Church reads:-In Memory of Revd John Carleton, D.D., formerly Rector and late Curate of this Parish, where he died Jany. 16th, 1819, in the 68th year of his age, being one of His Majesty's Chaplains, Rector of the livings of Hartest and Boxted, and also of Stansfield and Theberton in the County of Suffolk. This tablet is erected by his dutiful and grateful servant, Charles Hamilton.
John Maddy - 1820
D.D. F.R.S.,

Jesus College, Oxford.. He was very poor for a time but became much patronised by the nobility and Gentry in London who entrusted him with the education of their children at their own houses and he was able to earn about £80 a week in this way. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in June 1817. From the Tablet in Somerton Church:-

"Sacred to the Memory of The Revd Johhn Maddy, D.D., F.R.S., F.A.S., Canon of Ely, 53 years Rector of this Parish also of Hartest cum Boxted, and Stansfield, Chaplain in ordinary to Her Majesty Queen Victoria from 1830 - 1853 and the three preceding Sovereigns. Born March 23rd, 1766. Died June 17th, 1853"
Edward J. Phipps - 1853

Pat. Lord Chancellor. Memorial Window in chancel:- "Erected to the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of Edward James Phipps, Rector 1853-1884, ob . fest. Ascension:1884 Aetat: 78, by his widow and children. R.I.P."
Alfred Giles Hilton - 1884
M.A. Camb.
Joseph Russel Little - 1890
M.A. Camb.
Archie Fredrick Webling - 1913

Author of numerous books "The Last Abbott" etc
Arnold Hill Payne - 1926

The last Rector or Vicar to live in the Parish.
Hugh Overthwaite Hutton - 1955
Tom Wright - 1976

Rector of Stansfield and Poslingford and perpetual curate of Denston
Ian Finn - 1999

Rector of the seven parishes forming the newly created benefice of Bansfield. The name Bansfield is derived from a manor existing in the large (in terms of area) parish of Wickhambrook.
Stephen Abbott - 2008

Rector of the benefice of Bansfield.
Brin Singleton - 2013
Rector of the benefice of Bansfield.
Eve Bell - 2020
Rector of the benefice of Bansfield.
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