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All Saints' Restoration - Phase One

Ready to go!

After many years of inactivity, lack of enthusiasm, and of increasing decay to the structure of the building, work is soon to begin to turn the tide and start the restoration programme for All Saints' Church, Wickhambrook. A massive programme of building works must be put in place to restore this important Grade 1 listed building, not just for the people of Wickhambrook, but for the nation. The whole project (£250,000 plus) is way beyond the means of the small congregation who use the building on a regular weekly basis. Yet despite this, funding has been obtained from English Heritage and All Saints' Church has put in most of her spare financial resources, so that Phase One of the building restoration can begin. The scaffold erectors have finished their work, the tower ready for the builders to begin. But how will we continue? The Church has used up her resources - so the next Phase can only happen with more grants, matched by financial gifts from local people who care about their village heritage enough to dig deep and give towards the next phase of restoration.

We shall be judged by future generations for the heritage we leave them. The congregation now knows that they will be remembered because they tried to do something, with Phase One of the restoration programme. I appeal to the village, and all those who have connections with All Saints' church, to consider if they also would like to be remembered by future generations as those who did something to restore and preserve this historic building. Names of all those who make donations (unless otherwise requested) will be recorded for future reference. Wickhambrook is well-known for its complacency in village matters. Come on - let's rally round to preserve the most important historical building in our village. It isn't about being 'religious' or not - it's about caring for our heritage and what this generation will be remembered for in the future. Give because you care, give because you would like to be remembered as someone who cared enough to help restore this ancient monument of Wickhambrook, give because you are grateful to the past generations of Wickhambrook folk who built, maintained, were proud and rejoiced in their village church building. Give because many of your ancestors were Baptised in the font, Married at the altar steps, are buried in the church yard. Give in thankfulness for the wonderful life you have here in this beautiful part of the world. Give simply because you care about preserving this historical monument. Small or large, each gift will be acknowledged and recorded (unless otherwise requested) for generations to come to give their thanks. So, can you help?

You are welcome to visit the Church and see the work in progress. If making a special visit please contact me first so that I can make sure the church is open for you. Revd Ian Finn Vicar of Wickhambrook & churches of the Bansfield Benefice.

For information about donations see the Donations page.

Last Modified Sunday 11 February 2018