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The History Of Saint Nicholas' Church Denston


The church has a copy of the Prayer Book of 1662, bound with the Psalms of 1676; a folio Bible of the eighteenth century and an early nineteenth century folio Prayer Book. There is also a copy of Works of Bishop Jewel, 1611, consisting of his collected controversial writings, dating from the previous century when he was concerned in a pamphlet war with a Roman Catholic theologian.


In 1814, according to Davy there were two bells, in the tower, but in 1831 he notes] that only one remained hanging. This, which is still in use, is dedicated to St. Mary. The damaged bell, which could not be replaced, was sold in 1956 in order to help provide funds for an organ for the church. This tenor bell was inscribed, "Sancte Petre ora pro nobis" and the shield inscribed on it and on the bell in the tower indicates that both were cast at the mediaeval foundry Bury St. Edmunds. There was formerly a bell intermediate in size and it is probable that all three were cast at the time of the building of the tower at the end of the fourteenth century. The emblem used by the bell founder showed that he was also a gun founder.

Hatchments and royal arms

Two hatchments of the Robinson family are it the west of the church. In the south aisle are hanging the tabard, helmet and sword of the Robinsons. Earlier records state that there was also a banner.

A set of Royal Arms of Queen Anne are hanging over the tower arch. The custom of placing Royal Arms in churches begin after the repudiation of the supremacy of the Pope by Henry VIII, and although it ceased during the Commonwealth, it was begun again at the Restoration and continued till the early years of the nineteenth century. These arms must have been originally suspended from the rood-beam after the figures of Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin and St. John were removed from the top of the beam in the reign of Edward VI.

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