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Visitors' Book

Years 2000 - 2004

2004 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
06 Nov -
No address given
Visited church to attend baptism of my grandsons Pask - memorable despite the scaffolding!
24 Oct Marian Webb
Bocking, Essex
My Great great grandparents were married in this church (George Barber & Harriet Marrow). Lovely to be here and feel the history!
04 Oct Dan Brett
No address given
Lovely church
30 Sep Eileen Nunn
Reading, Berks
Looking for relatives, names Wright and Nunn who lived in this area.
29 Sep Cpl Field
No address given
1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment (The vikings).
24 Sep The Bennett
No address given
Wish we could worship here near our new home - but committed elsewhere at the moment.
03 Sep Jan Porter
Tracing Nunn, Webb and Goymour ancestors who came from Wickhambrook and Denston. Benjemin Nunn and Ann Webb married in this church 1846. Lovely to see a church open, enables you to reflect and be part of your ancestors' history.
02 Sep Linda Leon & Diane Williams
A joyous church!
14 Aug Ray & Maureen Marrow
Back to see the church again.
02 Aug Margaret Blackall
No address given
Diocesan tourism officer. Thank you for being open.
23 Jul John & Peggy Ganger ??
No address given
We were married here 53 years ago. The Revd Cook was vicar. Lovely man.
22 Jul Fran Geers & Joy Johnson
Lovely, unexpected - Joyful church.
22 Jun Mr & Mrs Schmit
No Comment.
17 Jun Tony & Paula Vessey
(nee Simpson)
Lewth, Lincs
Looking up family history - descendant of Pryke / Simpson (19th Century).
98 Jun Vic & Audrey Hind
(nee Leech)
Rickmansworth, Herts
I was christened here in October 1939, so on our way home from a holiday house in Woodbridge we came to this lovely church.
29 May Mrs Rawout
Fakenham, Norfolk
Passing by after taking a wreath to my grandfather's grave in Wickhambrok cemetery. He was Landlord of the Queen public house in Ousden - Bill Worby. Thank you for being open.
22 May Hannah Rayner
Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Relative of Thomas and William Rayner whose tombs are in the churchyard. Lovely church!
21 May Mark & Lucy
Wickhambrook, Suffolk
18 May Fred & Janice
No address given
Enjoyed seeing this wonderful church, lovely to see it open.
27 Apr Andrea Grimes
No address given
A church memory to treasure.
17 Apr Steven J. Boyns
Thank you - has helped!
17 Apr Jackie Chubb
Greenhithe, Auckland,
New Zealand
Visit with friend, beautiful piece of history. Well maintained, peaceful and reflective.
14 Apr Jayne Larkin
Wickhambrook, Suffolk
Thank you for being open.
13 Mar Theo Evans
Virginia, USA
Thanks for being open!
06 Mar Val Wright
Thank you for the welcome.
16 Feb Ian Aveford
Kingston, Surrey
Current day descendent of the Warner family.
Jan / Feb Malcolm Bird
No address given
Stone mason fixing south clerestory windows (Hanchets).
25 Jan Peter Grouns
Thank you for midnight mass. Christmas eve.

This year 42 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from Canada, USA, Holland and New Zealand.

2003 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
27 Dec Peter & Amanda Schlrther
Ilford, Essex
Just walking past. Enjoyed a stop at a wonderful church.
25 Dec Karin Hanlol
Thank you for a nice Christmas service.
21 Dec D. Innes
Culford, Suffolk
Just passing. Good to find church open.
12 Dec Keith Preeler
No address given
Stonemason's mate (Hanchets BSE)
30 Nov Elizabeth Bevan
Wickhambrook, Suffolk
Signed her name [Ed - four year old daughter of one of the church wardens]
05 Nov Caroline Walker
No address given
Driving past and decided to stop and look. Beautiful.
01 Nov David & Harriet Ellis
No address given
On a bike trip to Wickhambrook Post Office on this beautiful blustery autumn morning. Lovely church building.
30 Oct Pauline Lewis
New Forest, Hants
Tracing grandfather's family, in the name of Robert Ewin - they were carpenters and especially wheelwrights working in and around Wickham in the 19th Century.
23 Oct Peter Stephens
Lovely church
20 Oct Samuel H. Woodward
Sydney, Australia
This church is a warm and friendly church. It has a healthy reputation. I look forward to seeing it again in the summer.
18 Sep Salim-Khan
No address given
Very nice feeling of calm to be in this house of God.
19 Sep Roland & Pauline Horrell
Formerly of Gower, Swansea
A church where the spirit feels joy. God's blessings on the couple who marry here tomorrow.
29 Aug Martin Beeton
Researching our family history. Excited to find Samual Beeton's tomb.
29 Aug Isabel Sutton (nee Beeton)
Researching our family history. Excited to find Samual Beeton's tomb.
29 Aug John Hoskin
Bury St. Edmunds
Stonemason. Working on North aisle (4) window repairs.
25 Aug Julie Ann
No address given
Searching Marrow family tree. A Marrow on organ is my grandfather. Graves here are also connected to our family.
14 Jul Robert Halliday
Bury St. Edmunds
Charming place - amusing to see such an unusually small East window. Really odd but well crafted, nave roof. Like the memorials. But why display brass rubbings from other churches. Wickhambrook should promote itself, not rely on attractions from other churches.
[Ed - These two brass rubbings are of Sir Robert de Bures, relative of the third and fourth incumbents and of Theobald de Sudbury another incumbent.]
10 Jun Miriam Ludbrook
No address given
Granddaughter of Revd John Hodgen. I was moved to see the kneelers which Grandma and Granddad made with New Zealand designs are still here.
06 Jun Paul Drake
Copenhagen, Denmark
A lovely old church. I look forward to coming back and hearing the bells ring. Thanks for the guided tour, Paul :)
26 Apr Matthew Hampshire
Croydon, Surrey
I lived here as a child. A wonderful tranquil setting to return to … save for the humming of the bees!
11 Apr Revd Ralph and Susan McIntosh
Solvang, CA, USA
Bless you. Jesus loves each of you.
08 Apr Kathleen and Terry Bocock
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Descendant of the many Bococks buried here.
02 Apr Ann Blansby
No address given
Ann Blansby nee Simpkins and family. Tracing Gt. grandfather Charles Simpkins who was christened here in 1822. His father Thomas was a thatcher and his mother's name was Mary. It was nice to look around the church.
28 Feb John and Jen Bocock
St Albert, Alberta, Canada
Gt. Gt. Gt. Gt. grandparents James Bocock and Mary buried here. James Bocock died Feb 28th 1838.

This year 33 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from Canada, USA, Denmark and New Zealand.

2002 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
27 Dec John Hodgson
New Zealand
Grandson of Revd John Hodgson 1962-1970.
19 Oct M. Scherf
Pinna, London
A nice little church in a beautiful countryside.
15 Oct Gwen Potter
NSW, Australia
Descendent of Thomas Bowyer and Martha Black married in 1768.
03 Oct P. Smith
No address Given
Thank you for keeping the church open.
27 Sep Steve Haygreen
Hitchin, Herts
Descendent of George Haygreen born 1830.
27 Sep Paul James Haygreen
New Haw, Surrey
Cousin of Steve.
27 Sep Maria Karg
No address given
3rd granddaughter of Jayne Pask born 1850.
25 Sep Phillip Burrough
Liss Foress, Hants
33rd and youngest grandchild of Charles Burrough
14 Sep Frances and Richard Smith
Perth, Australia
No Message.
11 Sep Barbara and Michael Lovett
Barbara Lovett nee Turner here to trace family history. Grandfather, Charles Turner, born at Wickhambrook 17th May 1859. His parents, William Turner, born 1830 Wickhambrook, married Frances (Fanny) Rose, born 1833 at Lidgate. William and Fanny lived at Lidgate but my grandfather after he married moved to Huntingdonshire. A lovely peaceful church.
[Ed - Barbara has indicated that if anyone should have information about family connections she can be contacted via the webmaster email address at the foot of the page.]
08 Sep CB Free
Leaded glazier working on windows
09 Sep Terence Reed
Godshill, Iona
Grandson of Revd WH Cooke, former vicar of this parish
30 Aug Myrtle Oakes
No address given
Granddaughter of Revd WH Cooke.
30 Aug Ann V. Chi?????
An Otley / Okle / Hockley descendent.
30 Aug David Pitt
Trimley, St Mary
No message.
27 Aug Paul Britton
Tonbridge, Kent
No message.
26 Aug Thelma and Valerie Cook
Harleston, Norfolk
Also searching for the Ringer family.
26 Aug Dick and Sue Webster
Fressingfield, Norfolk
Searching for the Ringer family.
18 Aug Anne and Peter Kruse
Finchley, London
Anne is a descendent of the Hammersleys, Shams and Briggs of this parish.
31 Jul Peter Marrow
Linda Marrow (Sister)
Ellen Oaten (Nee Marrow)
No address given
Direct descendants of Josiah Marrow, who is buried in the graveyard here.
20 Jul Unknown
No address given
What a beautiful church we hope you are able to keep it so.
14 Jul Wendy Dixon
West London
Not knowingly related to Valerie Dixon below. In Wickhambrook visiting family and wanted to locate the church in order to partake in the church service upon my next visit. The church like Wickhambrook is quiet, peaceful and a glorious contrast to where I live - West London.
01 Jul Valerie Dixon
No address given
Email Trying to trace Richard Dutton from Depden married Sarah Trurgoog 1790 in Wickhambrook. Their son - Richard Dutton (borm 1800) married Lucy Chapman 1820 their son Richard Dutton (born 1821) married Emma Rutter 1841 all married in Wickhambrook
01 Jul Ian Yarham
Welling, Kent
Last visited here 26 years ago.
26 Jun Patrick Hague
No address given
I lived in Wickhambrook as a baby and moved "up north" when Dad's national service finished in about 1961-62. If anyone remembers Frank and Celia Hague from Nunnery Green he was at RAF Stradishall. Please make a note on the website.

[Ed - I was contacted with regard to this on the 2nd Feb 2003 by Marina and Bill Savin of Wickhambrook. They state that they used to live almost opposite Frank and Celia in 1960 and were good friends. They would love to get back in contact. To do so please contact them via the webmaster link at the foot of this page and I will forward it to them. Now successfully contacted.]
24 Jun Michael and Debby Pryke
Billesay, Essex
We are here to trace our family history but also to enjoy the lovely village and this fascinating church. My forefathers are buried in the "cube" grave along the path leading to the entrance [John Paman Pryke]
08 Jun Keith and Margaret Pask
Claygate Surrey
Keith's family has been traced back to John Pask (who was a non conformist) living in Wickhambrook. He married Catherine Kippen / Gifin at Stanton in 1750. The children were baptised in the independent Badmondisfield Hall. We are retracing the family history.
08 May Margaret MacKenzie
(nee Marrow)
Southsea, Hampshire
I am the granddaughter of Alfred Hinds Marrow who was a miller and lived here in Wickhambrook. He later moved to Freasham where he married. There were three children. Later on he moved to Merrow, Guildford, Surrey. My father was Ernest Alfred Marrow and with my mother they stayed here in 1958 in August. This is my first visit here with my very best friend Don Robson.
29 Apr Betty B Smith (nee Bigg)
I am the daughter of Joseph Bejamin Bigg who used to play the organ here at this church. He died tragically in a motor bike accident in 1934 aged 38. I was born in Blackhorse Cottage in Ashfield Green in 1931. My dad is buried in the new cemetery and myself and family come here as often as we can. There used to be a plaque with my dad's name on our very first visit, but since over the years it seems to have gone. If anyone knows of its whereabouts I would like to know. [The PCC and congregation whose collective knowledge of the church precede thsi date are not aware of such a plaque - Ed.]
24 Mar Dan Longyel
No address given
I like the church because it is old. (Aged ten)
05 Jan Corinne Lambden
Alameda, CA, USA
Good luck with the restoration - well worth the effort.
05 Jan Erinne Lambden
Alameda, CA, USA
Visiting the bell tower was like stepping back into history. Thank you Paul for such a treat.
05 Jan Katie Lambden
Alameda, CA, USA
Thanks to the church warden for a great tour of an amazing historical site. Best of luck with the work of restoring. Happy New Year!

To date this year 45 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from the United States of America, Holland, Australia and New Zealand.

2001 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
25 Dec Mr & Mrs Houbal
Merry Christmas.
03 Nov CP Camfield
I think your chancel is probably later than your church guide suggests - perhaps late 15th century. Compare the wheel motifs in the perpendicular church at Burwell Cambridgeshire. Pervsene often confers this motif, but see Dr Harvey in his book "The perpendicular period". The chancel arch would also fit a later date much better.
20 Sep Ron & Bonnie Barratt
No address given
Thank you for unlocking the church for us. Ron and Bonnie Barratt here to see where Barber ancestors were baptized, married and buried in early 19th Century.
07 Aug T & J Heighham
No address given
Cousins by marriage are kin of Sir Thomas Heigham this celebrated Elizabethan soldier commemorated beside the altar. Best wishes with the restoration.
08 Aug Lex, Matthew & Georgia Tucker
Victoria, Australia
Gt. Gt. plus grand daughter of the Revd George Pryke whose grave lies under the altar, on a pilgrimage from Victoria Australia. "Honour the rock from which ye are hewn"
21 Jul Jean & Denise
No address given
Ancestors worshipped here and owned the pub across the road [Ed - The White House]. Gt. Gt. grand daughters Jean and Denise, descendants of the Stiff and Willingham families.
28 Jun Jane & Alex Bonnett
New Zealand
My husband's forebears resided here in the 1700's. Joseph Bonnett was baptized in this church in 1775. Child of Elizabeth Bonnett. Eliz was one of several children born in this parish. Descendant of Joseph Henry Bonnett born Depden 1830, left England and arrived in Lyttleton New Zealand in 1863. Thank you for leaving the church unlocked.
29 May Joan Pantor
I came to discover my family history. My Claydons were married and baptized here in the 18th and 19th Century. Found a peaceful church to think and pray in.
28 May J & D Perry
what a peaceful church! In the area looking at birth places etc of forebears. Gt. Gt. grandfather born here - then blacksmith 1541-1551.
22 Apr Mr & Mrs Hadley
A visit down memory lane recalling the countless times I sat here in Sunday School and service as a 7/8 year old. That the church is still open I am grateful.
09 Apr Mike & Rosemary Lockwood
Many, many happy memories. Married here in 1972. Now residing in Canada.
02 Apr Rosa Bruce (nee Stutter)
Gt. granddaughter of DR WG Stutter. Would like to hear from any other Stutters.
27 Mar Church Crawlers group
Thank you for opening the church - much appreciated.

This year 21 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from Australia, Denmark and New Zealand.

2000 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
03 Oct ?
Thank you for unlocking the church for me.
20 Apr Peter ?
Victoria, Australia
Descendent of Mary Ann Parker of Wickhambrook.

This year 30 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from Australia and South Africa.

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