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Visitors' Book

Years 1990 - 1994

1994 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
28 Nov Stephen Wedis
From Penhow castle in Wales once owned by Sir George Somerset of Badmondisfield Hall (1520s-1530s).
07 Oct Barbara & Peter Page
Grandson of Laura Cooke, born in Wickhambrook.
28 May Janet Hird (nee Stiff)
No address given
Gt. grandfather lived here.
02 Jan Noreen & Elizabeth
No address given
Gt. grand daughters of John Dawson Hall.

This year 98 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from Australia, Holland, Malta, Sweden and United States of America.

1993 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
31 Oct Brian J Baylis
Descendants of Thomas Turner and John Taylor, fathers of David and Mary Taylor 1846.
24 Sep Bruce Pargeter Woollard
Grandson of RP Woollard and Gt. grandson of FG Woollard.
24 Sep Jack Pargeter Woollard
.Son of BP Woollard.
24  Sep David Woollard
Gt. grandson of FJ Woollard of Badmondisfield Hall.
16 Sep Peter Woollard
Gt. grandson of Griff Woollard. Grandson of Brian Bromley Woollard.
2 Sep Eric & Connie Pettitt
Manitoba, Canada
Cousin of Mrs Peggy Clayton.
30 Aug Joanna Herbert
Gt. grand daughter of Charles Burrough descendant of Thomas Burrough.
25 Aug Avril Platt
Grand daughter of Mr & Mrs Bailey.
22 Aug CG Rowley
Nephew of Arthur Eagle killed in 1914-1918 war.
06 Aug VM Morgan
For friend in Australia whose ancestors Cooper / Wright emigrated from here..
02 Aug J Robson
Tracing Marrow family tree.
28 Jul The Browne family
Looking for records of Woollard family from 1763.
14 Jul Robin Westley Woollard
Gt. Gt. grandson of Joseph Warner Woollard and grandson of Frank Bromley Woollard.
29 Jun Gordon Cook
No address given
Christened here in 1926 - later sung in choir and pumped organ. Parents Hilda & Charles (Dick) Cook.
25 Jun Mrs M Strong
No address given
Family history of husband, a branch of the Burrough family.
23 Jun F Barker
Tracing family history of Turners in Malting End.
11 Jun Sharon Thomas (nee Pryke)
California USA
Daughter of Herbert Pryke.
21 Jun Alison Thomas
Canberra Australia
Grand daughter of Herbert Pryke. Tracing grave stones of family members - found buried in front of church. So happy to have visited the village of our forebears - our family.
10 Apr JC Maltey
Family history of Cook(e) family.
03 Mar Neil Robert Stiff
Last visited 10.08.87 great uncle Harry on War memorial.

This year 62 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from Australia, Canada, East Germany, Holland and United States of America.

1992 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
03 Aug GB Wright ?
Gt. grandson of Susan & ? Heenell ?, married here 06.10.1864.
14 Jul Liz Robinson (nee Brown)
New Zealand
Looking for ancestors graves.

This year 55 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from Holland and New Zealand.

1991 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
13 Oct Celia Louise Loftus
No address given
Christened here in June 1941.
06 Oct John & Peggy Gayner
Bury St. Edmunds
We were married in this lovely church 40 years today.
25 Sep Mr & Mrs C Betts
No address given
Brings back lots of memories when I was young.
24 Aug Mr & Mrs F Fitch
Married here 16.10.1971.
14 Aug John Hodgson
New Zealand
Son of the Revd John Hodgson.
18 Jul Mr & Mrs RP Foreman
No address given
Visited regarding family tree. Person buried here 1883.
03 Jul George & Molly Nye
Last attended here in 1942 from RAF Stradishall.
13 Apr John & Muriel Bocock
Dennis & Susan Bocock
Researching family background. Family grave in the churchyard.

This year 77 people signed the Visitor's book. These included people from Canada, Germany, Holland, New Zealand and Sudan.

1990 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
22 Jul Shirley & Leslie Evans
I am researching WA Nesfield, the grandson of William Nesfield, vicar here in 1758.
26 Jan Peggy & Ron Moulson
No address given
Nee Attwood, married here 20.11.1954.

This year 75 people signed the Visitor's Book. These included people from Germany and United States of America.

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