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Visitors' Book

Years 2005 - 2009

2009 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
20 Dec Margaret Bevan
Lovely family service. I'm from Birkenhead. It was great to see the family of three with their Mum and Dad.
05 Dec Emma
Bury St Edmunds
Very Beautiful building! Plus very peaceful and reflecting.
09 Nov Judy & Nick Cannell
Tasmania, Australia
A Stigwood. Lovely old church Greatgreatgrandmother christened here.
21 Oct Betty & Bill Fitches
Oshawa, Canada
With our distant cousins - interesting church and well kept.
21 Oct Sheila & Malcolm Fitches
Knutsford, Cheshire
Thank you for having this lovely church open for us to see. Our ancestors John and Elizabeth Fitches were here at the Restoration.
14 Oct D Willem
Very nice.
05 Oct Bernard Smith
Maidenhead, Berks
Trying to trace family history. John Smith, parish clerk, Wickhambrook 1830s - 1860s.
22 Sep Barbara Browne
Looking for graves of Samuel Pitches/Pytches and James also Samuel's wife Elizabeth Argent who lived here 1861.
13 Sep Cameron Newham
Harrogate, Yorks
I commented in the visitors' book in 2005 about the church being boxed up (which was published on your website!) Glad to see it back to normal again! Thanks for having the church open.
09 Sep Yvonne Turner
Melbourne Australia
Many interesting headstones.
09 Sep Antony Mason
Bury St Edmunds
WCP to inspect steps.
04 Sep Sean Yarnton
Stone mason repairing tower stairs. Abbeygate Masonary
24 Aug Steve Yarnton
Stone mason repairing tower stairs. Abbeygate Masonary
24 Aug John Hoskin
Bury St Edmunds
Stone mason repairing tower stairs. Abbeygate Masonary
17 Aug Keith Rowling
Thank you - I have many ancestors from here in the 1700s and 1800s.
13 Aug Raymond Wilson
Northgrave, E. Yorks
My grandmother Honor Pettitt born here in 1834. Thank you for opening your lovely church to visitors.
5 Aug Ruth Waller nee Dimble
Bromley, Kent
Descended from Thomas Dimble of Wickham House, Wickhambrook. Seeking graves of family members and found them! A successful trip. Thank you for keeping the graves tidy.
02 Aug L Offord
Came to check out to see if the head of Simon Sudbury was here - from the era of the Peasants Revolt - 14th Century. Unsuccessful. [Ed. The head you seek is to be found in St Gregory's Sudbury.]
24 Jul John & Barbara Ward-Smith
Bracknell, Berks
Came to visit where my ancestors if the 18th and 17th century would have been married and baptised their children (family name Smith, Smyth).
17 Jul Gill & Marilyn
Came back to see where our Great Grandparents got married - James Webb & Mary Honeyball
03 Jul Tim Finn
All over
very weird to come back to here. My dad was Vicar. Just come to see. Looks different.
30 Jun Erin Flory
Lafayette, Canada
Descendent of the Pattles, peaceful, beautiful.
26 Jun Juliette Woollard
Saffron Walden
Descendent of the Bromleys - beautiful, peaceful church.
26 Jun Geoff Hewlith
Perth, Australia
Thanks for being open.
21 Jun Jean Impsan
Sparham, Norwich
Beautiful, peaceful - Thanks for being open - well cared for. Called in during a walk in Wickhambrook.
14 Jun Martha Whittle
Newmarket Road
It is a nice cool church on a hot day :-)
4 Jun Hugh Cobbald
Little Bentley, Essex
Just passing and felt the need to pray for a friend. How grateful to find your church open, so peaceful. Thank you.
30 May Graham & Valerie Shave
Crowborough, East Sussex
My husband was tracing his ancestors. We were surprised how many Shaves lived in Wickhambrook. What a lovely and tranquil church this is, we are glad that we can here. By chance passing; what a beautiful haven of peace - thank you.
26 May Douglas Foreman
Victoria, BC, Canada
Great to visit my roots. Beautiful.
22 May Evan & Hillary Waite
Norwich, Norfolk
Just visiting on our way through village - lovely to find church unlocked - thank you.
12 May Geoffrey Hare
Lovely, modest church where my Pryke ancestors are buried.
09 May Carol & Roy Fuller
Looking for ancestors from this village.
04 May Michael Crofts
Little Abington, Cambs
It seems that the family of my father's first wife are buried here. A joyful discovery and a beautiful church.
25 Apr Mark & Susan Pledger
Dover, Kent
Looking for Pledgers family lived here in 1700s.
13 Apr Andy King
Milton Keynes
Can to see where my ancestors worshipped by 1875 (Simsons)
07 Apr Geoff Wiskin
Researching Wiskin in Wickhambrook and Denston.
30 Mar Derrick & Janet Gee
Spring Green, Wisconsin, USA
Wickhambrook residents 1966-1969. Thank you for keeping this beautiful place so well
15 Mar Elizabeth
Nice, unique and ?
05 Mar Kate & Jacob
We are on holiday and we absolutely love it.
14 Feb Louise & Riccy
Beautiful as ever. Can not wait for our wedding here. Thank you for keeping it lovely.
03 Jan Jean Flack
Lovely church. I am looking for Cooper, Rowlins ancestry.
2008 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
26 Dec Revd Ann Bell
A wonderful find on a Boxing Day walk.
11 Nov Inkeke & Henk Yokolk
Our love and thanks for friendship everlasting.
31 Oct Pete Hill
Ware Herts
Lovely church. Looking for family members. My tree starts with Thoma Foreman and includes the Claydons and Pattles.
08 Oct Rosemary Beadle
Researching family history - Clearke; Challis, Nunn, Copping, Woollard
22 Sep Elizabeth (Hodgson) Clements
Georgetown NZ
Lovely to come and see the "Clearlight" church my Father and Mother served in the 1960s. Also visited brother Philip's grave. I've bought a book. Thank you.
12 Sep R Bennett
Very interesting
02 Sep Doug & Joan Durrant
Royston, Herts
Granddaughter of Vicar Cooke
24 Aug Randy & Mary Damom
Bridgewater, MA, USA
31 Aug Jeremy Harding
Ingham, Bury St Edmunds
Back again trying the organ for another wedding. Beautiful church as always.
30 Aug Carl King
Just cut the grass again next the Vicarage.
20 Aug Sheila Masters
Loughgilly, Co. Armogh
Attended Sunday school here in the 1950s.
16 Aug Ray Bradfield
Lived in Depden and schooled in Wickhambrook, but never been here before! Very quiet, peaceful and obviuosly well cared for.
7 Aug Jean Dock
Looking for grave of MAry Daniell buried 1858 - not found.
03 Aug Richard Watkins
Pinner, Middlesex
Last night I had a dream about the church being the centre of the community and how we all need feel that we belong. Today I found myself here.
27 Jul David, May & Connie Pask
Relatives of the Pask family.
23 Jul Brian Evesard
Barrow, Cumbria
I came to see where my ancestors worshipped, very moving.
16 Jul Emma Dubois
A pretty place for peaceful thoughts!
23 Jun Lynnette & Howard Fowler
Rangrora, New Zealand
Thanks for leaving this fine place of worship open. Loved the Kiwi corner. My Savill ancestors may have worshipped here.
30 Jun Lynn & David Laurie
Stanford-le-Hope, Essex
Beautiful church. Ancestor came from Wickhambrook 1835.
1 Jun Francis Kovais
Beautiful church. (Visiting John at the Vicarage.)
30 May Jeremy Harding
Ingham, Bury St Edmunds.
Practising organ for wedding next week. What a beautiful church and organ
29 May Ken & Josie
S. East France
Looking for the Wiskin family. Catherine Wiskin was a midwife here born about 1779. There was a Wootton William Wiskin the mid 1800s and born in Wickhambrook.
25 May Owen & Rosemary Barber
Melbourne, Australia
Looking for the Barber tree.
24 May Mr & Mrs Meekings
Brentwood, Essex
Beautiful church
22 May Ann Nichols
Boaz, Alabama, USA
Lovely church
21 May Colin & Carol Brans
Fareham, Hants
Looking for Shave family graves
05 May Jenny & Bob Lintoth
Norfolk, Virginia, USA
No Comment.
04 May Louise & Ricky
Farley Green, Wickhambrook
Lovely church, very beautiful
26 Apr Simon Knott
No address given
Gradually working my may round Suffolk again, revisiting the churches I visited in 1998-2002, this time with a digital camera! New entry for Wickhambrook coming soon. Lovely to come back here only sorry that it has taken so long. [Ed: Wickhambrook entry]
19 Apr Karen & Gareth Roberts
Reading, Berks
Thomas Foreman married Sarah Simkin in this church 1711. My family tree starts with them. Sarah was from this parish Thomas from Kirtling. Had 11 children.
02 Apr Tony Whiting
Enjoyed the church and walk around Wickhambrook.
16 Mar Elizabeth Crawley nee Cook
George Cook - 1850s was sextan here. Great to see where the family worshipped.
17 Feb Rebecca Adams
Woodbridge, Suffolk
Visiting graves of family members from long ago. Beautiful church!
15 Feb R Marrow
Hatfield Heath, Berks
Lovely church it has a nice structure.
15 Feb E Marrow
Hatfield Heath, Berks
Beautiful church. Very interested to trace my family history.
9 Feb G Lees
St Andrews, Scotland
Lovely church. Traced my ancestors here - Simpsons and Pryke
16 Jan P Atkinson
Montaille, France
In memory of an English childhood
2007 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
25 Nov Paul Layton
no address given
Researching family Howard born here circa 1720 [Ed: contact address available].
16 Nov Mal Ward
Tasmania, Autralia
Seabrook family - Revd Thomas Seabrook was vicar.
12 Nov Richard Pettit
Highland, Utah, USA
Church of my great great grandfather. Died 20th March 1834 - William Pettit 1757.
29 Sep Stuart French
Leighton Buzzard
Lovely church. Two great grandparents James French and Mary Level married here in 1825.
22 Sep Andrew Coombs
Lockley, Scotland
My father was the doctor here at the end of the war, taking over from Dr Walton.
11 Sep Lynda Sharpe
Looking for relatives surnames Webb, William and Harriet Webb left in 1841 to come north leaving his widowed mother - Dale behind) to look for work in Rockdale. The church is obviously well loved and well kept. My church is also All Saints' (Clayton-Le-Moors).
06 Sep Harry Smee
No address given
Tracing Hockley, Pitt and Abbott
06 Sep Maureen Budner(nee King)
Grandparents married here. Clement King (blacksmith here)
03 Sep C Williams
Related to George Crabbe
03 Sep John Coldwin
Tracing my family - names Pryke, Challis, Chapman, Cocckel 1700 - 1900
31 Aug Carol Wright
Mandurah, West Austraila
Related to the Doubles of Wickhambrook
31 Aug Sonia Cresswell
Wickengreeen Village, Australia
Related to the Doubles of Wickhambrook
25th Aug The Pilgrims
Walking from Hartford to Bury St Edmund
10 Aug Alex and Helena
Boxted, Colchester
A simple but attractive interesting church. Looking for my ancestors
05 Aug Tracy Jakins
St Neots Cambs
Lovely service, very enjoyable.
27 Jul Ethel Duffy & Gordon Boody
No address given
Betty Spalding will be buried 3/8/07 - This is a beautiful church.
16 Jul Robert Feanley
Ashfield Hall, Wickhambrook
Making hay on the glebe field next to the church.
08 Jul Tracy Jakins
St Neots, Cambs
Lovely church, great view.
26 May Revd Sylvia Jacquest & Monica Place
Came using the church trail book. A lovely church.
22 May Ernest Berghutt
Stour Valley, USA
No Comment
19 May No name
No address given
Lovely church! My ancestor Sarah Mason lived at Duddery in 1841-1851. Then at Ashfield Green and Fullers Hill. She married Philip Nunn of Hargrave.
5 May Ken Olney
No address given
Came to visit Wickhambrook after finding out that my Grandfather has been Christened at the Methodist church in February 1879. George John. Any information about the Brown family in this area would be appreciated.[Ed. contact information available]
03 May Pauline Rowlands
Shoreham, West Sussex
My great grandmother, Julia Marrow, was baptised here in 1861. Her father and her grandfather were both called Josiah Marrow. Any information on them I would be very interested in. [Ed. contact information available]
21 Apr Donna Hubbard
No address given
I have family history dating back to the 1700s here. I now live here due to the military but my family has been in the US since the 1850s. So wonderful to get a chance to see where my ancestors come from.
18 Apr Joan Williamson
No address given
Accompanied by her son Nick and Roy and Irene March. My great grandfather George Benjamin Pymar lived here with his parents and grandparents Benjamin and Elizabeth Pymar in the early to middle 19th Century. Any information would be appreciated. Lovely church, beautifully kept - my first visit. Very peaceful. [Ed. contact information available]
16 Apr Lizzy & Jeffrin Saji
Kasala, India
Came from India. Very calm and amazing historic church it is.
16 Apr Roger Carnt
Stround, Glos
Very peaceful. Some carnts lived here previously.
17 Mar Ray & Maureen Marrow
No address given
We are here to see the church again. Nephew of Violet Marrow.
15 Mar J B Turner
No address given
Whose grandparents Robert and Susan Turner left Wickhambrook in 1850s for work in Middlesborough, Yorkshire. He was the son of William Turner of Crows Farm, Wickhambrook.. Lovely peaceful church. [Ed. contact information available]
26 Feb Pat & Eve Stephenson (nee Orriss)
No address given
Whose ancestor William Ornidge married Margaret Rutter in this church in 1755. Margaret Rutter born here in 1730 and died 1791. William died 1799. Thomas Orrige / Orriss born Wickhambrook 1756 married Susan Fitch in Hundon 1786. Beautiful church.
07 Jan Edith & Berthold Wenbaum
Strasburg, Germany
Thank you very much for looking in memorial of our church, we came from Germany to see the church where she got married in 1953
04 Jan -
No address given
How wonderful to find the church open. I was married here in 1973.
2006 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
23 Oct Revd Dr F Crick
Good to see a couple of Crick stones near the gate! John was married to Mary here in 1754!
03 Nov Darren & Julie Webb
No address given
Searching for ancestors/ family history. Simeon Hurrell and Gertrude Edgeley and her family. Lots of Edgeleys in cemetery but not Gertrude, Arthur, Sidney. Can anyone help?
02 Nov Celia Birch
Chesterfield, Derby
Researching Pryke ancestors
28 Oct Mr & Mrs BA Cooper
Looking for ancestors
23 Oct Annabel Jackson
No address given
It is a very nice church and nicely kept and very clean.
04 Oct Richard Saucier & Michael Reed
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
No comment
26 Sep Anee & John Thurowell
What a lovely church and so well kept.
23 Sep M & G Hicks
Burwell, Cambs
A pleasure to find the church open and loved.
17 Sep Karen & William Johnson-Williams
No address given
My great great grandfather was a Revd Oct 1813 (Stephen Johnson). He served about four years. We stopped to find his grave.
17 Sep Loretta Thomas
No address given
My great-great-great (you get the idea) grandfather was a reverend at this church and supposedly first preached in 1813 and is buried here (died 1838). Stephen Johnson. Hope we were at the correct church!
15 Sep Sheila Lockwood
Little Whelnetham
Family history in Isaacson.
14 Sep Steve Clark
Family research. My great grandfather x3 died here 1871 - George Clark. Trying to find grave.
13 Sep Sarah Baker
No address given
Family tree research Barber - My father's father side here in 1750s. Also Ashley and Cheveley
11 Sep LD
So grateful to find the church open to pray in
09 Sep Rosymary Lockwood
Just visiting from Canada. Married here 34 year ago 9/9/72
09 Sep Mr Pryke
No address given
Descendant of George Pryke. Vicar 1821
08 Sep E Woodhouse
No address given
My grandmother Emma Cook - lived in this village and was christened or baptized here (we think!)
01 Sep Teresa & Stuart Park
Weybridge, Surrey
Retracing the steps of former Pasks who lived in this area
27 Aug Richard Teverson
Buchurst Hill
My family tree is based around Cowlinge and the first references to the name come from Wickhambrook in 17th century. A beautiful church.
14 Aug Heather Williams
Rainhill, Merseyside
Helping Phil to find his ancestor! Nice and peaceful, lovely church.
14 Aug Philip Sturgeon
Rainhill, Merseyside
My family was from around here about 150-200 years ago I believe (Cockfield I believe)
07 Aug Mark & Suzanne Everitt
Thank you for keeping the church open
05 Aug Mark & Eunice Mackenzie
No address given
Lovely church
05 Aug Susan & Terry Eagling
Elizabeth's grandparents
03 Aug Joyce & John Boyle
This is befitting the house of God.
03 Aug Joan & Carol
No address given
(Nee Reed) Granddaughters of Revd Cooke. They lived in the old vicarage.
18 Jul D Smith
Bury St Edmunds
We are looking around the local churches using the new booklet "Explore Suffolk Churches". Very peaceful here.
10 Jul C Bowther
Good to find the church open.
10 Jul Aaron Grawshaw
Thank you for being open.
08 Jul Roy Scott
Looking at birth place of great grandmother Jane Turner whose parents lived in the Alms houses and are buried in the churchyard.
22 Jun Anon
No address given
Beautiful church! In search of Rutter families from Wickhambrook and Cowlinge. [Ed - Contact information available].
21 Jun Peter Short
Melbourne, Australia
Lovely church. Visiting Suffolk villages where forebears lived. Gt, Gt, Gt, Gt grandfather John Pattle was born and died in Wickhambrook (1778 - 1853). [Ed - Contact information available].
17 Jun Michael & Beveley Rolph
No address given
Return visit - we lived at Highpoint in the 80s and worshipped here with Revd Bill and Enid Davis - our son's were altar boys and Michael and I were confirmed at Bury St Edmunds under Bill's guidance. A wonderful time in our lives - still followers of the blessed Lord - God bless you all.
10 Jun Russ
No address given
A beautiful church in a beautiful village. Looking for Pearsons, Eagle and Husts circa 1850. [Ed - Contact information available].
05 Jun D Sumner
Upminster, Essex
Very lovely church and beautiful.
31 May Korl Kallenbuch
Dortmund, Germany
No comment.
20 May June & John Meredith
Southwell, Notts
My Gt grandparents were born in Wickhambrook - Rhoda Hicks, Charles Taylor, Cornelius Hicks.
10 May Peter Stephans
Lovely church thanks for keeping it open.
30 Apr Bill & Mary-Jo Brett
Newtown, CT, USA
Grandfather was born in 1876 in Wickhambrook - youngest son of Samuel Brett (1832) and Harriet (1842). Lovely church - beautiful restoration.
30 Apr Nigel Pearson
Birth place of Gt-Gt-Gt-grandfather, Thomas O. Hassan in 1782 their family William 1824 and his family Harry, William, Henry, Humphrey, Sarah-Anne and Melinda between 1855 and 1872.
29 Apr Jasper Kay
With a group of Christian Aid walkers! Enjoyed our picnic in the churchyard.
27 Apr Ann Howard
Wonderful roof.
14 Apr David and Lesley Beavis and daughter Catherine
No address given
Good Friday 2006 my grandparents lived in Giffords Cottages in 1860 - John and Susan (nee Elsden) Beavis.
11 Apr Steve Pink
No address given
On pilgrimage from Lands End to Norfolk. Lovely and peaceful.
09 Apr Mr + Mrs Joan Durrant
Royston, Herts
Grandfather vicar of this church - Revd Cooke. Died 1968. Now living in Royston, Herts. Many memories!
06 Apr Norman, Heather & David (Plumb family)
No address given
Birthplace of Emma Plumb (our grandmother) Emma's parents Joesph and Harriet Edgley married Christmas Day 1885. Joesph buried in the churchyard.
02 Apr Sue Coe & family
Gawthorne, Berkshire
Lovely church, researching Prykes and Simpsons.
04 Mar Fay, Kay & Ida
No address given
Thanks for letting us film.
27 Feb Richard & Tina Cooke
No address given
Looking for the Cook family.
17 Feb Sarah Barber
Dereham, Norfolk
Looking to find any traces of my great, great, great, great grandfather John Barber who ws born here in about 1801. I have found his grave in nearby Depden church, but have been unable to find out who his parents were. Any information gratefully received. [Ed - Contact information available]
14 Feb John Canham
Oakland, California, USA
Visiting my brother and sister-in-law in the village. Surprised to find the church open. Thank you!

To date this year over 55 people have signed the Visitor's book. These include people from Australia, Germany and USA.

2005 - Highlights
Date Author Comments
No date Michael Hewitt
The Rectory Ridgewell
No comment
No date G Halls
Thank you for having this lovely church open.
11 Nov Linda Moorhouse
My Goymer ancestors lived here.
4 Nov Barry Carr
Frensham heights school, Surrey
My great uncle John was vicar here in 1932
21 Oct Anne Harvey & Madge Spriggs
My great grandmother was buried in the churchyard in 1939. We are tracing her life.
08 Oct Ann Morley
No address given
Travelling with Perretts Amusements open this weekend on the village playing field. My mother's grandmother lived in the parish a while, unfortunately no other details. Such a lovely tranquil atmosphere here in this church, and its unlocked, amazing.
18 Sep Diana James (nee Coe)
No address given
Looking up great great grandfather Abraham and May Ann Coe who lived at Chapman's Farm.
30 Aug Cameron Newham
I certainly hope that ugly wooden frame around the monument is temporary!
[Ed - Yes and was removed at the appropriate time]
29 Aug Leslie B. Collins
& Joyce Maylin (nee Collins)
Visited as descendants of of Jeremiah Bowers (born 1842 in Wickhambrook). His ancestors dated to a 1692. John's son. John Boers married Ann Gervase in 1694. All lived around here. My email address is Wonderful church, wonderful experience.
26 Aug Mark Giles
Wonderful church didn't appreciate it when I lived here.
25 Aug Val Smith
No address given
Researching family history.
25 Aug Sally McGuinn
Banham, Norfolk
Came to find my great-grandparents' home (Wickham House) and also this beautiful church.
17 Jul Jenny, Alex & Laura Smith
Came to see the completed restoration works and saw the clock strike. Well done.
08 Jul Andrea Grimes
A very special place. Thank you to all for your hard work in keeping / bringing the church to its present Glory
14 Jun DJ Enl
NSW, Australia
Just learnt great grandfather born in Wickhambrook.
05 Jun Alan & Kathy Cordy
Called in for coffee on Sunday morning. Very pleased to see the near completion of the restoration works.
22 May Cathy Ferrese
No Comment
20 May Jennifer Hart
Grandma and Grandpa Hart were married here.
11 May Sheila & Malcolm Fitcles
No address given
Malcolm's ancestor Thomas Fitcles was baptised here 1658.
15 Mar Steve & Chris
No address given
Beautiful church, fantastic that it's open during the day. Keep up the good work.
27 Mar Malcolm Brown
I used to attend this church, 1955 to 1975 regularly, when resident in Wickhambrook with parents. Many fond memories are here. Mum used to take Sunday school class occasionally (Murial Brown).
21 Jan Tom & Sandy Fullerton
Sydney, Australia
Ex Wickhambrook circa 1950, now Sydney, Australia.
09 Jan Margaret & Martin Canter
No address given
Descended from John Ray of this parish (c16 c17).

This year over 40 people have signed the Visitor's book. These include people from Australia, Canada and USA. Visitor numbers are slightly lower this year due to the extensive restoration work being carried out.

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