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The History Of Saint Peter's Church Ousden


Welcome to this ancient church, which was built by the Normans over 800 years ago. Christian worship has been offered here ever since, by generations of Ousden folk of varying traditions, who have at different times altered, enlarged and beautified the building, as the need arose.

Ousden is a scattered parish and its western limit reaches the Cambridgeshire border. It adjoins Dalham parish to the north, Hargrave and Wickhambrook to the east and Lidgate to the south. The church is situated in an elevated and commanding position to the west of the main centre of population, on a ridge overlooking the valley of the River Kennett. Beside it once stood the Hall, the home of the Moseley, Ireland and Praed families. This fine Classical building was demolished in 1955, although the 18th century dovecote and clock-tower which were once part of its outbuildings may still be seen as we approach the church.

Because of the rather isolated position of the Parish Church, the Praed family gave the people of Ousden a Burial Ground in 1912, which may be seen almost a rnile to the east of the church. In it they built a small red brick Chapel in the Early English style of architecture, which served as a daughter church to St. Peter's and is dedicated to St. Barnabas. This unusual village cemetery, with its little church and grand War Memorial lychgate (built in 1922) are worth a visit. The path is made up of the steps that led to the former tennis court at the Hall.

Last Modified Friday 21 December 2012