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The History Of Saint Peter's Church Ousden


We hope that you have enjoyed the beauty and interest of this ancient church, which the people of Ousden have tended and used for over 800 years. Above all, we hope that you have felt "at home" here in our Father's House and that you may have time to say a prayer here for the priest and people whose Spiritual Home this is.

No visitor to St. Peter's will fail to realise how its present-day custodians love and care for their ancient church. Maintaining a building such as this is a difficult and costly task for the people of a small parish, and those who have the privilege of caring for this church would welcome with real gratitude any contributions that their Visitors can spare which will help them to keep St. Peter's intact and beautiful for future generations to use and to enjoy.

May God Bless And Keep You

This Guide was compiled by Roy Tricker, who is grateful to the Staff of the County Record Office for the use of their facilities and to the Pupils of Copleston High School Ipswich for assembling the booklets. He also acknowledges with gratitude the help and advice of the Revd Geoffrey Whitefield and members of St Peter's congregation.

May 1988

Last Modified Sunday 11 February 2018